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Vigano and Bannon

An interview between Archbishop Viganò and Bannon unveiled the last attack from the children of darkness that implements the “Great Reset” to establish the “New World Order”. It consists of global elites in numerous industries from politics, education, technology, judiciary, entertainment, sports, and science to media, in almost every corner, as the deep state. Now, it was revealed that dark forces were turning the Vatican into the deep church. Both the deep state and deep church have been infiltrated by the Chinese Communist Party decades ago and have almost been achieved their goal of dominating the world. By promoting the spirit of atheism and individuality, they slowly changed people’s minds via technologies and assimilation to help them gain powers in all aspects of economy, religion, and politics.1

The pursuit of Communism has been in human history intermittently until the establishment of the first Marxist political party, the Communist League, in London in 1847. In 1848, The Communist Manifesto, written by German Karl Max, was born. People called it and used it as the academically systematic communist theory. Lenin carried this ideology to the Russian Empire, where he founded the first communist regime, the Soviet Union. It was the main propulsion fruiting the Chinese communist regime in 1949. Later, the Soviet Union grouped a batch of freshmen communist countries as the Warsaw Pact to confront NATO until its dissolution in 1991. The Chinese Communist Party inherited its radical communism system, the Communist International, and acquired the adherents, funds, intelligence, and many other resources. 2

Communists are innate materialists, although they define themselves as atheists, they categorize every-thing on earth into only two types: useful and useless. They have been carrying out their plans since its birth to reach their goal of conquering the world. After enormously benefited from the WTO, it aggravated worldwide infiltration through the BGY plan, colluding with many pivotal people to form the deep state to accelerate the process of gaining influence and power.

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The Holy See has lasted for over 2000 years on earth with the Vatican as a delegation, which has about 1.2 billion followers. Of course, the CCP had seen its value long time ago. The Holy See has gained enormous wealth and prestige through repentance, atonement, property, and aristocracy authentication, as well as throne recognition, leaving it unshakable power and influence. The CCP will never ignore this golden area that contains a worldwide pivotal force and wealth.

Due to the decades-long infiltration, the Chinese regime successfully removed Benedict XVI and manipulated the election to help Francis become the Pope to form the deep church. The deep church then ganged up with the CCP and the deep state to conduct the “Great Reset” to rule the world.  However, there are no alliances that last forever. If CCP would control the world, it will first suppress all these accomplices, especially the Vatican, just like what it has done to Buddhism, Muslin, Christianity, Catholicism, and all other religions in China.

Before establishing a regime, the CCP initiated an organization named United Front. Its mission was to gain trust and power in the name of endowing democracy and free religion.  This commitment had been written into the exhibitive constitution. 2

The CCP initiated countless campaigns. It used the name “public-private joint partnership” to confiscate private assets and loot entrepreneurs. Religiously, the 14th Dalai Lama was forced to flee to Indian in 1959 and has been in exile ever since. Even more ridiculous, the CCP has been demolishing religious buildings, killing disciples, looting properties, and supervising and distorting scriptures. It did it for nothing but to assimilate citizens that the only “God” they should believe was the Chinese Communist Party.

The CCP has appointed its party members to positions like priests, masters, or mentors and instructing their followers to accept the communist doctrine. It is mandatory at the religious venues to hang portraits of the Party leaders, raise the national flag, and play the anthem to reshape all religions in China with a kernel of Communism. In other words, the Chinese Communist Party is beyond all religions. Under the Great Firewall, the CCP has been controlling Chinese people’s thoughts, only to let them comply with the CCP’ s preference. They do not have any freedom in religion, speech, or even birth.  Anything that the party opposes will be concealed or eliminated.  Having run the thoughts experiments successfully in China for decades, the CCP promoted the model to the world to reset the “New World Order. ”

Once the CCP reset the world order, it will gradually take over the assets from the deep state and the deep church, and the Holy See will cease to exist except for its name. Just like what happened in China. With the advanced supports and technologies of the deep church and deep state, the CCP will maximize its power in censorship. It will use its tactics to assimilate religionists to materialists to fulfill its greed under the veil of science and democracy. Horribly, by utilizing face recognition technologies, it could inspect your daily life, monitor your financial status, track your route via GPS, or gather your biological information to invent bioweapons.

The Chinese Communist Party, like all other Communist organizations, is not atheism at all but feigns itself as the “God” gain obedience. This will result in Orwell’s 1984, an epoch darker than the medieval. It is the fight between the children of darkness and the children of light, as Abp. Viganò has defined.  The only way to win is to recognize the intrinsic inheritance of Communism, learn whom to fight, and how to fight.


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