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Reference News reported on January 11 that according to a report on the Hong Kong South China Morning Post website on January 9, China stated on the 9th that a Chinese soldier had disappeared due to darkness, complicated terrain, and other reasons. He is currently waiting for the handover from India.

According to reports, the official “The People’s Liberation Army(PLA) Daily” of the CCP confirmed the news on Weibo.

The People’s Liberation Army Daily said: “After the incident, the CCP’s border guards reported the situation to the Indian side as soon as possible and hoped that the Indian side would assist in the search and rescue. Nearly two hours later, the Indian side clearly replied that it found a missing Chinese soldier. After permitted by the Indian superior, the lost soldier will be returned to the Chinese side.”

“The PLA Daily” also stated that “India should strictly abide by the relevant agreements between the two countries, and promptly transfer the missing person to China. It is to contribute the positive effort to the current situation for cooling and slowing down of the Sino-Indian border state.”

On the evening of July 7, 1937, the Japanese garrison exercised near Lugou Bridge. The Japanese troops stationed in Fengtai claimed that a soldier was “missing” during the exercise and requested to enter Wanping City for search. After being refused, they attacked Lugou Bridge in the west of the city.