Author: TCC

Page: Stella

Parler CEO John Matze joined Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures on Jan. 10th to talk about Parler’s devastating situation after the Sixth Incident at Capitol Hill.

Before it was removed from the Apple App Store on the 9th, Parler had surged to #1 on the Apple App Store with one and half million downloads on Saturday alone. Now, Parler has received a 24-hour notice to find and remove all of its data from ~500 Amazon servers before midnight.

This is why President Trump is correct in the rolling back of Section 230. Big Tech Oligarch has become a monster of its own and has used the Sixth as an excuse to put Parler in a critical situation, even potentially forcing it out of business. This is just an example of if you do not ‘cooperate’ with Big Tech, then you will have to shut up (be censored) and shut down. Let’s listen to Jon Matze’s unbelievable experience in dealing with Google, Apple, and Amazon.

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