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Image : Real America’s Voice

The day before of yesterday Mr. Bernard who had interview with Mr. Steven Bannon on the broadcast of War Room. Mr. Bernard said that : “I was at the rally there with the President and the mayor. And I have to say, I’ve heard people say tens of thousands of people , I ‘d say it was close to 1 million people between where the rally was and the other side of the Washington Monument , It was completely peaceful , Nobody was yelling, nobody was screaming, no fighting, no nothing. At some point, when the march went down to the Capitol there were two elements that went into the Capitol. One, a group of Trump supporters that were led into the Capitol by the Capitol Police. There’re videos, a number of different videos online where they open up the barricades and they actually let the Trump’s supporters appear to be Trump supporters let them walk into the Capitol. There’s a number of them online. In fact, I tweeted one them out. Then there’s another group of and the other group, evidently breached a secure portion of the Capitol got into the Capitol and then, you know , went crazy. So I think a couple of things have to be asked, one, why did they open up the barricades and le this group of people walk into the Capitol when they had this process going on there? And two, why are there only 13 arrests? If there was a mob rule that breached the Capitol, there should be far more than 13 arrests.”

Footage showed that Antifa was rioting at the scene while the Trump supporters stopped them. The numerous videos showing the police opening the gates for Antifa (they didn’t fight their way in) and then leading them throughout the building. More news on GTV and Gnews.