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While the UK has refused the idea of a vaccine passport, it is close to reality in some countries.


The UK Government has said there are no plans for a UK vaccine passport. But beyond Britain, the development of vaccine passes is well underway.

The World Economic Forum is developing a CommonPass system with the help of executives and officials from 52 countries, including three from Britain. The federation expects the app to create a QR code scanned by authorities to roll out within the first half of next year.

In early December 2020, United Airlines, Lufthansa, Virgin Atlantic, Swiss International Air Lines, and JetBlue said they would begin to offer the system to passengers. BA-owner IAG is working on a separate health pass, due to launch in early 2021, and tech giant IBM has developed a Digital Health Pass for companies and venues to verify customers’ vaccine status.

And although the state may not force individuals to prove they’ve been vaccinated, they may need to travel freely to certain countries. While they may never be mandatory, they could soon become an everyday reality.


There are still some unknown factors in the vaccine. For example, the vaccine can protect the vaccinated people from becoming ill if they catch the virus. Yet, no one knows if a vaccinated person can carry or transmit the virus. Also, we still don’t know how long the immunity will last after a person is vaccinated. Therefore, the concept of introducing a vaccine passport seems very immature at this stage.

In the future, would it be the case that people with a history of other diseases that prevent them from getting the Covid-19 vaccine will not be allowed to travel, visit theatres, and go to restaurants, etc.? If so, it will not be fair for these people nor beneficial for the economy.

Depending on how long the immunity lasts after a person is vaccinated, with the current plans, travelers may need to present a vaccine passport within the expiry date and possibly an additional negative Covid-19 test before leaving for the destination. The IATA will eventually come up with certain international travel standards regarding the vaccine passport for countries to follow.

Although the UK government has refused the idea of a vaccine passport, people may slowly start to get the “vaccine passport” nonetheless, to travel freely to certain countries. It then soon becomes everyday normality.

Last November, Xi Jinping called for a “global mechanism” that uses QR codes to open up international travel. Although Human Rights advocates warn that the codes could be used for “broader political monitoring and exclusion”, the rest of the world may have no choice but to be drawn into the CCP’s trap – to use the laboratory-made bio-weapon to impose its ideology onto the world. Only by eliminating CCP can we protect human rights and the order of the world.

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