On Dec 31, 2019, a government document of Hunan Province exposed.

Translation below:

Hunan Province Poverty Reduction Development Office Notice

Regarding Strict Enforcement of 2020 Poverty Threshold To poverty reduction offices: The provincial government declares the 2020 poverty threshold to be 4000 CNY annually per person (571 USD per year per person) . Please notify enforcement agencies of this strict limit, work hard toward reducing poverty in 2020, make sure to help those actually in poverty so that they actually escape poverty, with results that can withstand history and practice.

Note: In China, there are 60-70 million people in poverty. The poor people are made poor by the Chinese Communist Party on purpose (check the 47 min footage below), so they can kidnap the Chinese to be slaves, and also they can cheat money from international organizations like the world bank.

Chinese Communist Party uses City Police to suppress all kinds of people who want to make a living!