President just tweeted: Vice President has the power to reject fraudulent chosen electors.

All hell is going to break loose tomorrow. Just concentrate to what is important, here they are:

Two steps Mayor Giuliani to expose the details of those barrels:

He’s going to show them numbers and to see the math tomorrow, this is either one thing or the other, there is no grey area here.

Easy to prove the underage voters, just have a pretty good look at the record. The record was clear as their date of birth. They got those from drivers’ records, they’re mostly young people who have those junior licenses or permits to drive, some states can go down as low as 15 years old for that. So they use those lists, put them into the voter registration and attach the vote to them. 

They didn’t think anybody would check these records as they cheated for over 15 years and no one checked them.

Bannon: this is serious. They had the whole conversation with the President in the front page article, looks like the end of the Vietnam war banner headline, not one quote from Trump talks about when Trump was talking about the numbers. Why? they can’t refute the receipts. The numbers don’t lie when you can prove them.

Richard Baris, Senior Editor People’s Pundit Daily: hold your nose for voting Purdue and Kelly Loeffler because people are mad, republicans are mad and independents who voted for Donald Trump, they wanted a fight, they wanted a bigger fight, we pulled this now three times, people cannot understand why mail in ballot should be  treated differently than in-person vote, it’s common sense, even to large percentages of democrats, they just not buying it, and the number of people who believe that Georgia was stolen from Donald Trump is majority. 

But nothing changed since Nov. 3 despite the headlines. e.g. Fulton county had court appointed supervisor, the guy was sleeping in the corner with his phone. So this idea that there’s oversight there and it’s not just Fulton, it’s everywhere but it’s the idea that there’s two parties oversight is total nonsense.

People should read the Navarro reports, specifically the numbers in the date and time stamps that we gave them, to put in that report to see what happened in the state of Georgia. The only difference in the margins was time demographics. They didn’t change. The flip is legitimately highly unlikely. Highly! I would say “no”, but in the state of Georgia there are too many “firsts” for me to swallow, way too many.

John Fredericks: this senators race will be razor thin. Problems:

We need 1.1 million turnovers and basically Trump 60% as the anti-Trump forces 40%. That number will be 850,000 game day votes if the trend holds now. But you can’t really take that. We’re looking for big turnout after three o’clock. If that happens, we can get to the million. I think Purdue lose, Loeffler wins because she said she would stand for President on Jan 6. But Purdue tweeted it 2 hours after poll open.

Sean Parnell Captain Former US Congressional Candidate: I don’t see how anyone in good conscience can certify the race in the state of Pennsylvania. Our audit found that in my district alone there was 63,000 person vote deficit, which that basically means more votes than actual voters. 

As whole in western Pennsylvania 120,000 vote deficit and across the state of Pennsylvania, 200,000 person vote deficit. If you haven’t fully updated the short system, you certify the election with 200,000+ person voter deficit on November 24.  How can you possibly certify it with that many votes left to reconcile?

The legislature that is sworn in today and takes an oath to God is control both in the House and the senate by republicans. They are to be leaders instead of politicians, stand up. The senate has subpoena power, subpoena the secretary state of Pennsylvania and ask her specifically about the voter deficit.

Ask these questions on behalf of the people of the Commonwealth because we deserve clarity and we deserve answers.

If you want to win, get focused. Be focused means to call and put pressure on legislators.