Staff members were required to sign “Consent Letter” regarding possible risk when resuming work, but PolyU claimed it’s not a liability waiver.

The Polytechnic University was under police siege last month. The northern part of the campus was reopened on December 31, allowing teaching staff and post-graduates to resume work.

The University issued a letter the day before December 29, stating that the northern part of the Campus was basically safe after thorough assessment. Staff members and postgraduates could resume work on their own discretion. However, they must notify the school authority by email or sign a letter of consent when entering the campus, to indicate that they were fully aware of possible risks.

Mr. Wan, the University’s maintenance staff has resumed work since the beginning of December. Wan said he was not asked to sign such a document. He further described such a document as a “liability waiver” and criticized the University of being irresponsible. He said should the staff members were forced to sign the letter; nobody would be willing to return to the campus and resume work.

Source: RTHK

Contributor: GM02