President Trump should hold the Chinese Communist Party accountable for the CCP virus to the entire world.

One year ago today a young Chinese ophthalmologist in Wuhan, Dr. Wenliang Li started to tell people on WeChat, Chinese version of WhatsApp, among his seven colleagues about unknown SARS like virus diagnosed by the hospital. It spread very fast on the social media which we under scrutiny surveillance of the CCP government. Immediately he was arrested and forced to admit that he has spread rumor and upset the harmony of the society.

Dr. Li was punished to go to the outpatient section where there were lots of infected patients but the government didn’t admit them, and there was not enough PPE for neither doctors nor patients, nor they knew how to get protected from the disease. Once Dr. Li got infected, the CCP government purposely delayed his treatment. Dr. Li passed away soon after infection.

As Dr. Limeng yan worked in the WHO reference lab in HK university, also because of her MB training and big network and PhD study in China, because she can be the bridge between the WHO reference lab in Hong Kong and the China research and also medical field that time, so Dr. Yan was sent to conduct secret investigation 31 December last year.  

Dr. Yan since started to tell the world about this virus via Lude media, also warned of the new strains of the virus.

Dr. Yan has to flee to America to tell the truth as the CCP can easily have any one they don’t like disappeared. Such as to have Dr. Li killed by CCP virus, as for Dr. Yan, soon after CCP learnt she was on the run, they made her socially dead, it means erase all your trace on social media, even took off her name from her  scientific articles published. Had her name stigmatized publicly, should she in China, she would be either sent to jail, or nut house, or simply had her disappeared without trace.

The CCP government knew this would put the amount of doctors and innocent people in danger but they choose to ignore them because it is bio weapon of CCP’s unrestricted warfare on the world, they didn’t want the world to know too soon before it worked. Any information about this virus would be taboo and suppressed brutally.