Written by Randy Young

The Covid-19 broke out again in Dalian City, China . On December 27, the Dalian local government announced that ten communities, including Jinpu New District, would be classified as medium-risk areas, and at the same time, the communities and residential buildings where the confirmed cases had appeared were closed and isolated. However, the brutal Lockdown method of the CCP caused a serious shortage of daily life supplies for the residents because CCP did not allow any one to go outside. Meanwhile CCP did not provide the necessity for those isolated residents. Finally , a video appeared on the Internet that some residents who have been isolated in residence buildings yelled to the outside world through the windows, “We need supplies and food.”

When Wuhan was locked down at the beginning of this year, residents were also isolated at home, being unable to go out to buy daily supplies. The CCP failed to provide residents who were locked down with daily supplies in time. In the end, those residents dared to use their own voice to expose the hypocrisy and inaction of the CCP. Just less than a year , the similar thing reappeared in Dalian. The CCP had never made any improvements in the overall management of the epidemic. It just implemented rough management method. Once a confirmed case appeared, it was required all residents had to do Covid-19 kit test in risk area. Now it is severe winter season, and many people have to queue up for a few hours for kit tests in the climate of minus ten degrees. At the same time, the CCP isolated the residents in certain communities and residential buildings where the confirmed cases are located. 

The CCP’s approach to control the epidemic violated the basic human rights of the Chinese people. Under this evil regime, the Chinese people are treated as slaver. CCP does not protect Chinese people from Covid-19 ,but to kill them . 


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