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It was reported that Gladys Liu, Liberal MP, praised Mr. Sunny Duong who is being charged with preparing an act of foreign interference for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) under Australia’s foreign interference laws. Mr. Duong is under investigation and faces a maximum penalty of 10 years’ imprisonment if convicted.

The CCP is accused of pursuing ‘all-around influence’ in Australia in economic, cultural, diplomatic and personal. The Australian Federal Police alleges Mr Duong has a connection to a foreign intelligence agency. Security sources confirmed the foreign intelligence agency belongs to CCP. As the president of the Oceania Federation of Chinese Organisations, Mr. Duong donated more than $37,000 for a hospital in Melbourne in June for CCP virus appeal. Although Ms. Liu is aware of Mr. Duong’s charge, she praised the donation being an “inspiring example”.

Since Ms. Liu was elected as a Liberal MP, questions have been raised about her connections with senior figures in Beijing’s covert political propaganda apparatus. Later last year, a photo was revealed showing Ms. Liu together with a suspected Chinese spy Nick Zhao – who died in a Melbourne motel after being disclosed the suspected spy’s approach to ASIO.

Ms. Liu together with Nick Zhao at a Party event; Image from The Age

When being asked about her opinions on the South China Sea and Xi Jinping during an interview, Ms. Liu refused to acknowledge CCP’s unlawful actions in the South China Sea and refused to acknowledge President Xi Jinping being a dictator.

The Australian Government has been taking a firm stance in the face of the CCP’s aggressive behaviour and bullying tactics when it comes to trade with Australia. In addition, public figures like Gladys Liu with suspicious ties with the CCP need to be investigated.

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