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Publisher: Publicity Group of the Buddhist Department of HIMALAYA MOS, New York

Illustration: Eniola Odetunde/Axios

Zhang Weiwei, the dean of the Chinese Research Institute at Fudan University in Shanghai, recently opined that, “…[T]he biggest event in 2020 was that the United States has completely lost to China, and the ‘Lighthouse’ has fallen.”

What an outrageous and arrogant statement! 

The CCP virus has swept the world, causing a huge blow to the global economy and scarring U.S. financial strength. Yet, such ignorant optimism has led Zhang Weiwei to miscalculate the overall long term situation. Recently, the liberal media has been blaming the virus alone without further attribution. This blindness misses the point and fails to lead to an accurate and meaningful conclusion. The United States is currently facing an economic downturn due to the virus and misinformation about the virus’s origin that leads to a less effective policy decision. Luckily, the situations are evolving as evidence of the origin of coronavirus is revealed. Many believe President Trump is an angel from God who was sent to help us get through these maladies, both medical and social, and we are about to see the arc of history has paved the way for Donald Trump to help all of us fight back against these ills.

Now we see the American Eagle is flying low, seemingly too close to the ground. But, flying low does not mean crashing to the earth, nor saying goodbye to the sky forever. Flying low means re-examining the earth as we know it, reviewing our previous path, re-accumulating political and economic strength and adjusting long-held postures, and retaking controlling the storm is yet to come.

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