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The two new coronavirus strains detected in the UK ‘move fast’ and are becoming the dominant variants.

Back in September when the Covid-19 pandemic was seemingly under control in the UK and Europe, Mr. Miles Kwok, Dr Li Meng Yan, and the whistleblower movement warned the public that the virus will be making a stronger comeback later in the year. Despite being dismissed by the CCP-influenced mainstream media ‘baseless conspiracies’, Mr. Kwok and Dr. Yan’s predictions once again came true as two new, faster-spreading mutant strains of the coronavirus have been identified in the UK, causing a significant increase in positive Covid-19 cases and related deaths.


Britain on Dec 19 alerted the World Health Organisation about a new variant of the coronavirus that the Prime Minister said may be “up to 70 per cent” more transmissible than earlier strains.

The new strain, officially named VUI-202012/01 – showed a “substantial increase in transmissibility.”

Coronavirus has mutated into at least 30 variants Coronavirus​ / CC BY-SA (

It contained 23 different genetic changes, many associated with parts of the virus that control how it binds to human cells.

Over 60 percent of new infections in London were associated with the new strain.

Outside Britain, nine cases of the new strain have been reported in Denmark, as well as one case in the Netherlands and another in Australia, according to the WHO.

On Dec 23, two cases of another new Covid strain linked to South Africa were identified in the UK. The new strain is different from the British strain that is spreading rapidly, but is also believed to be very transmissible.

This new South African variant of the virus — known as 501.V2 — is driving a strong second wave, making up about 80 to 90 percent of the new cases in Africa’s most industrialized nation.

However, experts say it is too early to tell whether the new strain is more deadly.

Thousands of mutations have been observed in SARs-CoV-2 since it was first genetically mapped in January.

People at Saint Pancras station in London, waiting to board the last train to Paris today amid concerns that borders with France will close. Belgium said earlier today that it would ban trains from London for at least 24 hours. STEFAN ROUSSEAU/PA VIA AP IMAGES

In response to the new mutant virus, from 00:01 on Boxing Day, much of England will be plunged into tighter coronavirus restrictions; the government has also restricted travel to and from South Africa;

Nearly 60 countries have banned UK travelers.

At the time of writing this article (Dec 23), official figures show that the UK has recorded 39,237 new daily cases of Covid-19 and a further 744 deaths today. Cases across the country have risen 57 percent in the last week.


It is thought that the second wave of the 1918 Spanish Flu was deadlier than the first because of the mutation of the original virus. Now, we are facing the deadly and scary second wave of Covid-19.

The words ‘mutant variants’, ‘more transmissible’, ‘genetic changes’, and ‘becoming easier to bind to human cells’ etc, all sound so familiar even to non-virology-professionals, since these were exactly what Dr Li Meng Yan, the Chinese whistleblower doctor, predicted and warned the world about on Jan 19 on Lude Media. Sadly, under CCP’s evil united front propaganda, which was aided by the profit and greed-driven western media, the truth was not allowed to be heard in time! Undoubtedly, the media are accomplices of the CCP during this global pandemic that killed millions of innocents.

Thousands of mutations have been observed in SARs-CoV-2 since it was first genetically mapped in January. However, after a whole year, WHO only just announced that they plan to go to China to trace and investigate the origins of the virus; what a joke.

How many more thousands of new mutant variants will appear? Will the mass introduction of the urgently approved vaccines stop the spreading? And how soon will the virus be under control? How long will one’s immunity last after getting the two doses of vaccines? Can a vaccinated person still transmit the virus? All these questions are yet to be answered.

Dr. Yan has already blown the whistle on that the virus was made in a lab by Chinese militaries. They have a series of sequences of it and can release more whenever needed to fulfil their agenda! This is why we can predict that the CCP could again release more of these new powerful mutant viruses!

Taking down the CCP is the only way to end the pandemic and prevent further damage to mankind.

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