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According to the announcement of the Chinese gaming company Yoozoo Games, the company received a notice from the family of Lin Qi, the founder and CEO of the company that he passed away on December 25, 2020, after a nine-day hospitalization. The company is famous for having made the game “Game of Thrones: Winter is coming.”

A 39-year-old man called Xu Yao, the Yoozoo’s head of movie production oversea market, was suspected by the police of having poisoned Lin Qi, who was among China’s 1,000 richest with a fortune of around one billion dollars. It was reported by several international and local media, including the BBC and the Epochtimes. As such his death on Christmas Day has also made him known outside the narrow circle of gaming.

According to the EpochTimes report, an anonymous doctor said Lin Qi might have been poisoned with tetrodotoxin, but he/she could not tell exactly what the poison is. He also said Lin Qi had suffered respiratory and cardiac arrest during resuscitation.

Lin Qi founded Yoozoo Games in 2009, and the game company has gained market share in making games for mobile phones. It has gone so well that Yoozoo Games today is the ninth-largest in China.

Lin Qi’s company was on the way to another success. In September 2020, the news reported that the company would be involved in producing the Netflix series “The Three-Body Problem” based on a well-known Chinese short story, for which the Yoozoo founder owns the copyrights.

The book is the first part of the sci-fi trilogy “Remembrance of Earth’s Past” by the acclaimed author Liu Cixin, and fans of this trilogy include former US President Barack Obama. Liu Cixin, depicting humanity’s first contact with an alien civilization. The controversy around the series arose earlier this year due to Liu’s resurfaced comments, in which he appeared to defend the Chinese government’s mass imprisonment and persecution of Uyghur Muslims. In September 2020, five US Senators sent a letter to Netflix criticizing the streamer for associating with the author.

Whether the political issues led to Lin Qi’s death is unknown. Besides he was poisoned by his corporate executive, Xu Yao, some media outlets reported that he was poisoned through his aged Pu’er tea, while others describe that he was poisoned through blueberry fruit before drinking tea.

None of the theories have been confirmed by law enforcement authorities. However, Shanghai police have exclusively announced they have arrested the man,  suspected of poisoning the top executive. It is worth reminding that countless Chinese private entrepreneurs have been suicided or disappeared by all means since HNA Chairman Wang Jian was “suicided” at a French village in 2017.


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