There are four successful educational models of humanity in the world. The first one is the Jewish educational system, which has lasted for three thousand years with worldwide recognized achievements. The second one is the German basic education system, namely K12, invented by German educator Humboldt. Germany has remained the world power since World War I and II. The third one is the American post-secondary education system, which is one of the fundamental reasons for the prosperity and flourish of high-tech and being able to attract talents from all over the world to make America great.

The last one that the majority of people have not even heard of is the traditional Chinese education system, which matches the way of Universe and human nature. The current education system in Mainland China is the Soviet system that cannot be compared. Let us start from the educational philosophy of remote antiquity and Pre-Qin period. However, it is getting degraded later, and we should select the essence and discard the dross.

What is the essential difference between the extensive and profound traditional Chinese teaching and the western education system? First of all, the origin is different. The western modern education system was originated with the birth of the Industrial Revolution, which required a large number of skilled workers, experienced engineers and technicians and well-trained craftsmen. The traditional model was based on apprenticeship; the quality was good, but found inefficient. So the modern education system was developed in response to the demands of industrial production. This model is extended from German “education for all” to post-secondary education; the purpose is to train constant stream of various talents to meet the needs of large-scale industries. The traditional Chinese teaching is an elite education system that fosters talents’ ability to cultivate themselves, regulate their families and govern the country and even the world so that some of them can truly become sages.

Secondly, the teaching contents are different. The western modern education system is knowledge based with the purpose of training human resources through a large collection of contents to be memorized. In the learning process of traditional Chinese education, critical thinking and down-to-earth practicality are the focus, and the purpose is to solve the life problems of individuals and the general public.

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Author:Lily , 心灵感应

Translator: Squirrel

Original opinion article by Himalaya Vancouver GFarm – 2020/12/29