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• Latest Updates on Biden Investigations:

o OAN News: President Trump is considering declassifying the Biden files.

o Ukraine has confirmed Biden corruption in a press conference with bank records and witnesses on December 25, 2020.

• Just after Lu De Media exposed his current health condition, General Secretary Xi had a phone conversation with Russian President Putin on the evening of December 28 and exchanged New Year wishes.

o According to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) state media, Xi said the China-Russia relationship is not affected by the changes in international situation. “The strategic cooperation between China and Russia can effectively resist any attempts to suppress and divide the two countries, and create a strong shield to maintain international fairness and justice,” Xi stressed.

o Mr. Lu De shares his thoughts on this news:

a. Xi is hoping to establish an alliance with Russia to work together against the U.S. However, Russia is a two-headed eagle, and it will no longer be so easy to convince under the current world situation.

b. His condition was serious. c. This news released by the CCP state media serves three purposes: 1. Xi’s health in good condition 2. Putin is on Xi’s side 3. warning Xi’s enemies in CCP and the U.S. not to act rashly

• U.S. Department of State issued a report titled “The Chinese Communist Party: Threatening Global Peace and Security “.

o The Democratic-controlled House voted Monday to override President Donald Trump’s veto of National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). House members voted 322-87 to override the veto, well above the two-thirds needed to override.

o Now it’s time to see if President Trump will win a third of the Senate.

o Regardless of the outcome, this is an excellent test to see who supports the President in Congress.