“Public sentiment is everything. With it, nothing can fail; against it, nothing can succeed. Whoever molds public sentiment goes deeper than he who enacts statutes, or pronounces judicial decisions.”- Abraham Lincoln

James O’Keefe, Project Veritas: the highlight of the year is editorial conference of CNN we recorded for 2 months. I think the Texas story voter fraud, catching them on tape paying people for their votes, admitting that it’s illegal. The Minnesota story, we copies Somalians on tape literally giving hundreds of dollars in exchange for votes. The NYT said this is not real, so NYT is behaving like tyrants in 1994, reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It’s disgusting what’s happened to journalism and the only way to restore faith in journalism is to show people. With their own eyes and ears what’s going on. 

The trust of people on the inside of these different government agencies, Tech companies, schools and it’s sort of changed journalism because I think people need to see. You have to see it to believe it. In 2021 we’re going to have an exponentially increased number of whistleblowers insiders talking to us. 

Project Veritas has existed since basically the Acorn investigation. It’s 11 years and we’ve succeeded because we just don’t stop. Try and try and dedicate to the truth.

We don’t report anything unless you can see the person’s lips moving and you can hear their voices. I understand the need for “anonymous sourcing”, I don’t think we can trust the NYT anymore or the associated press to relate to us accurate information based on their so called “anonymous sourcing”. We should not trust any of the journalists. Given us no reason to trust them.

In Turning Point conference there’s a lot of students, a lot of political people. I hear people saying, what difference does anything make. What difference does even the videos of them bringing along and maybe we’re headed towards civil unrest in this country if videotape of people breaking law doesn’t matter anymore. I’m not sure what does matter, I’m not sure if justice matters. If there’s equality before the law, so project Veritas, we seek to answer the question.

I do believe what is happening in parts of our country is the spirit of communism. What communism fears more than anything else is being exposed. So we were trying to create that rebel. 

Natalie Winters: you guys are being too easy on them because it’s not just anonymous sources they fumble, they even fail when they have identified sources. The NYT published interviews with alleged Canadian ISIS terrorists, a complete retraction of fabricating on podcast which won several awards in the journalism community, it was all false information. 

They’re definitely continuing with that legacy, considering that they still publish Chinese Communist Party officials and their ads, like Huawei, which has been banned for national security.

I think you could probably swap out the CCP in every sentence that established media talking heads say when they talk about foreign interference. That stands exactly.

Terry Schilling, OPAC Board Member, the brightest thing of 2020 to me is in the face of all of this propaganda from the so-called mainstream media non-stop 24/7 hate for Donald Trump, 75 million Americans still showed up at the polls to vote for him. Seems to me that the American dream is still alive. 

And that if we can fix the voter fraud, if we can manage to get some form of integrity in our election, we can win many elections from here to Kingdom come. I have a lot of hope in the future of this country as well and in the future of the conservative, I actually don’t like the name conservative, I think it’s more of the American populist movement. 

We recognize politics as a driving force in culture, the way that we can organize and engage in change laws to protect family formation. The reason that family formation and families are important to America is because the people are the heart and soul of this country and families are how you get good people. When families are falling apart, when people aren’t forming families for not getting married in crafting the next generation of Americans to be freedom lovers, we won’t have good people for future.

Kane, Citizen Free Press: President just announced 20 pardons. He’s getting things done that have to be done. It shows the President is making his own choices in his own decisions as we get closer to January 6th.

Our audiences hold us responsible and that’s why we succeeded, they make sure they let us know in comments. My site gets 5 to 7 thousand comments a day and I read all of those that are addressed to me, so people let me know good or bad, how it’s going. 

We know that 95% of media identifies as liberal or progressive and they give to democrats and it’s never become more obvious that they’re no longer interested in exposing any bit of the truth about democrats.

So if President Trump is in an office, what will all these people who have made their entire fortunes and livelihoods on the back of hating, the orange man hating in my view the greatest President for America in the last 150 years? Their ratings are gonna crash and a lot of people laid off I think.

We’re just gonna keep expanding on what we’re doing already, draw people to the site, to the stack, which looks like a seventh grader could have designed the site. The fact that all news stories go to the top so you can find anything new really  quickly. I think that’s part of the reason why my visitors visit so many times per day.

Raheem to republicans: you broke them in 2016, and so they now are trying to break you. They will try to break your spirit, your hopes, your families, your traditions, your country, your religion, your philosophy, the very nature of what it is to be you.