According to the news of the National Post on December 19, the consulate-general of communist China is recruiting “consular liaison volunteers” in Vancouver.

Being a consular volunteer is an “honor and a responsibility” and in keeping with the “watchful solidarity of the Chinese people,” says a recent posting on the consulate’s website.

A senior fellow at the Macdonald-Laurier Institute and former counselor at the Canadian embassy in Beijing David Mulroney believes the CCP is enlisting Chinese citizens or even Chinese Canadians to monitor and promote targeted individuals’ loyalty to China.

Pro-democracy groups have become concerned after high-ranking members of the Chinese Benevolent Association of Vancouver and the Canadian Community Service Association appeared in a group picture taken during an 11-day training symposium for recruits.

Canadian Friends of Hong Kong believes the volunteer corps is part of CCP’s influence campaign to shape public opinions and interfere with Canadian legislation to defend CCP interests.

Source: National Post