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In the live broadcast on December 11, 2020, Miles Guo revealed that the CCP does not really believe the United States and the world dare to have a hot war with the CCP. He also confessed that the possible global economic collapse after the war, large-scale humanitarian disasters, and the future path of New China will indeed cause a certain degree of trouble to the Western world. However, the establishment of the New Federal State of China has made it possible to solve these problems.

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Now let’s move onto the topic of the CCP’s stance on war.  Why do I say it is still aiming to start a war, and it has to? It has to plan to start a war? Don’t consider this the CCP merely calling a bluff via its propaganda, even deep down it doesn’t dare to start a war. As it is under the illusion the opponent may be reluctant to go to war with it. “I’ve got nuclear weapons. I’ve held 1.4 billon people hostage.”

Many family members of our BIAs cannot believe the prospect of a war is so imminent. “No, this cannot be true!” It is normal for them to be in disbelief. Totally understandable. We cannot disqualify BIAs as fellow fighters simply for their being in disbelief. We cannot judge by that. It’s quite normal that many would not want to believe a war is imminent. Why? Three major deterrences for countries to decide to go into a [hot] war:

Once a [hot] war starts this time, aka, the World War III. the world economy will collapse in no time. This will have immense impact to the interests of “the Swamp”. And, it is beyond anybody’s control. “The Swamp” are no God either; even they are non-omnipotent. Compared to what ordinary people could imagine, the Swamp’s power may seem colossal. But in the face of a total collapse of world economy/finance, they are just as helpless. Same helplessness. They too, don’t possess any supernatural powers.

Second, the war may lead to humanitarian catastrophe/crisis. Once the war starts, the most, most, most worrisome issue will be the humanitarian disaster in China.

Third, the most unsettling is, what is the path forward for China post-war? Who could serve as the next leader of the Chinese government? You may think you have the answers. But 90+% of the foreigners have no idea! Or, over 99% even. Even they do have the answers, but who will be able to form the rest of governing body, my brothers/sisters?

So any one of the above 3 points is a determining factor.

Only by finishing such a war swiftly, may the damages caused by the world economic collapse be minimized, may the situations be brought under control. Only when it is finished in a swift manner, all will know the outcome for sure, “chop-chop”[fast], things could be brought under control again. At least, the outcome will entail that the CCP will no longer exist. Thus, this outcome of the war could not be any clearer.

Second, the outcome of the war will show if the world finance will indeed collapse, or, it will sustain the impact. That is, whether we may prevent a humanitarian disaster from taking place. How to prevent it, or, how to reduce the severity, and minimize the impact? They need to be super clear about who the people are that may lead the New China, so they will provide firm support to. This should be made crystal clear.

Third, who can serve as the leader for the New China? The NFSC has ignited a little spark for them, a thread of hope. But don’t hope your hope too high yet, maybe 1% of confidence. The Hong Kong Movement, the CCP Virus, and the manipulation of the U.S. election, all has made them [the Swamp] with no other choice.

By now, come to think of it, if we don’t yet have the NFSC, ROL Foundation, ROL Society and the G-Series, Miles Guo and our WM would have been a big joke. That’d mean zero chance, zero chance, had our WM not been on an equal footing for dialogues.

But now our NFSC is just brilliant, and its impact is tremendous! They all think the NFSC makes perfect sense! China can only take the path of the NFSC once the CCP gets wiped out. And it is in line with the interests of the vast majority of the world, in line with their world views, the value systems, and the systems of beliefs.

They agree that if the NFSC can be well established with their support, it is very likely to reduce the potential humanitarian disaster in China. And, it is possible, by working together, we may create a new government that is in the interests of the Chinese people, and those of the world. Hope they’ll come to realize that only a New Chinese government, acceptable by the Chinese people, and with a new governance model, all three combined can hold the key of resolving the above 3 problems.

But we are still far, far away from reaching that point. To be frank, we are just embarking on this journey… We have not even started yet…

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