Boxing Day special and British are living a life of house arrest.

Raheem Kassam: boxing day is the day after Christmas day, a special historical traditional day in the United Kingdom. Typically richer people will literally box up either things that they don’t need or things that they’ve been given, gift them, make offerings, also known as offering day to people who are less fortunate.

Nigel Farage, Leader of the Brexit Party: Family Christmas cancelled. Nobody allowed to come into your house whatsoever, I’m not even supposed to leave home unless it’s for a sensual journey. So we are locked down yet again(first time in April) and I have to say these lock-downs don’t appear to me to be actually working.


  1. Even governments have borrowed and spent in the way never seen before after WWII when we were taking on the tyranny. My fear going ahead maybe not just the 2021, but for the next couple of years, we’re gonna get a return of inflation something we haven’t seen for three decades.
  2. My mother said, I can’t have Christmas with my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. I might not be here next year, and that conversation has been going on within millions of families in the UK. It’s pretty heart-breaking stuff.

War Room co-host Greg: The social aspect that these lock downs and the emotional toll that is taken on people, rising cases of depression and anxiety and that lack of human interaction has really hit people hard.

Boris Johnson talks a big game but never delivers, he is instinctively Pro American. Donald Trump may not be everyone’s cup of tea in terms of style and performance, but he believes in all of those right values with him gone. I think that the good relationship we’ve had for the last four years will be put on hold.

But I would say this to people: however disappointed you may be in the outcome of those elections remember this but none of this would have happened without coronavirus!

I think he has now become the mainstream of the American Republican Party and I would say that people don’t give up, keep fighting. Remember, you’ve won seats in the house. You’ve held the senate. It’s not over. It’s a temporary pause.

Jerome Riviere: Member of the European Parliament: I’d say that the Chinese virus that was made on purpose to be able to give the globally some kind of tool in order to claim back what they are losing because in fact the people are regaining power and it is a fact in the United States, if you look at the results of the election, no matter what the outcome is there is an amazing number of Americans that decided to vote for President Trump as embodied a new Republican Party, which for once now is the Party of the people.

We have the same thing all over Europe, the populist Party, the people’s Party are really claiming more and more ground. The government here decided to use the fear to be able to rein. In France were fighting against some specific things as Macron government decided to make the Vaccine mandatory to prevent people that did not have a Vaccine to be able to travel, to be able to go out to restaurants. As much as I’m a believer in vaccination, it’s up to each person to decide whether they want that in their body or not. 

In Europe where the Vaccine are being acquired, it is acquired through the European Union, the commission. They refuse to disclose the price, refuse to disclose who negotiated, so we don’t know if there are some specific interest.

That shows how we have a rise of soft totalitarianism. I call it soft because they don’t have camps in which they put us in yet.

They don’t allow you to talk about truth of virus on MSM and a very well-known physiologist professor who believes in the use of HCQ, is being sued by the syndication of abductors, because he’s expressing doubt about the fact that it is necessary to vaccination.

There will be some legal discussion and decision that will change everything for the outcome of the US election. As much as you are unpredictable, your country is very solid. Hold all the people together with one common law, which is the constitution.

There are many reasons 2020 will be remembered as a bad year altogether, but I think it paves a way for people reclaiming their countries. Just like UK, it is great that Brexit is finally happening. 

Matt Palumbo, Content Manager for Bongino Report: all of us is suffering in this pandemic. The media was more dishonest than ever, and we can even go back to certain politicians who are saying don’t wear masks and whooped public go to your local Chinese events to show you’re not racist. Then three months later breeding the right as if they were the ones encouraging what they just did.

It feels like the rules just kind of make up as they go along. They said this one thing today, a week ago, then saying the opposite a month later. E.g., Eric Swalwell, his Covid advice, one could surmise that perhaps CCP was writing his talking. 

Though very young, Natalie Winters has pumped as much original content news investigations, has broken as many stories about Chinese Communist Party, the hard drive from hell: Chinese Communist Party, specifically how they’ve infiltrated virtually every American institution, whether it’s a political parties, think tanks, advocacy groups, that so many people are either on their payroll directly or indirectly.

The Democratic Party retains extensive links to the Chinese Communist Party. It’s not just that Eric Swalwell was involved with an operative and intelligence operative on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party, the media signalling a double standard, really hypocrisy coming from whether the establishment, the media, democrats.

CNN, NYT or host of think tanks a sponsoring events alongside the same Chinese government body that’s responsible for spearheading the elaborate disinformation campaign that we saw. The Chinese Communist Party really create to suppress any information coming out to the public about the coronavirus and instead spread disinformation.

This year the media for so long that coronavirus we couldn’t trace it to the CCP. It was racist to do so. then a few weeks back we see the NYT, CNN coming out with actually the CCP is inextricably linked to the coronavirus, meanwhile CNN is a publishing word for word stories from Chinese state run media outlets from the Global Times praising the Chinese military and their efforts to curtail coronavirus while they’re jumping on our own military.

Raheem: Channels like War Room are working harder channeling the audience out who are left behind by the politicians; who the media look down on them; who the big corporate treat not as a consumer, but as the product.