Video from President Trump’s tweet

On Christmas Eve of 2020, President Donald Trump tweeted out this 8-minute video that reveal the essence of the time we are at: an attack on America by Communist China.

This video calls out China, or the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) as the biggest threat of America. Towards the end of the video, the term ‘CCP Virus’ appear. Despite the term being used by President Trump’s supporters, including Peter Navarro and Steve Bannon, this is the first time it was used (in this instance, indirectly) by the President.

Below is the transcript of perhaps the most important video that President Trump tweeted.


I’m going to level with , Do you know anyone who was a escaped Communist China, Russia, Cuba or North Korea can see the writing on the wall.

In nineteen sixty three, the Communist cause to overthrow the United States were entered into Congressional record.They stated, capture one or both of the political parties, infiltrate the press, gain control of key positions, and radio, TV and motion pictures.

After this election, it’s pretty clear these calls have been achieved, and the more you look into it, the more you see it always leading in China.

Or more specifically the Chinese Communist Party, the CCP, guess who owns a massive chunk of Hollywood, including AMC theaters and legendary film studios.

You got it The CCP, guessing pays millions of dollars to mainstream newspapers, including The Wall Street Journal ,The New York Times. To publish their propaganda.

the CCP, and guess who’s given the biting family billions of dollars. Yes , the CCP.

Now do you see why Biden is a media darling, on the contrary, who’s been the biggest thorn in the CCP side, who stood up to the abuse of trade policies and slapped it ,was billions of dollars And tariff.

Who dismantled their stranglehold on manufacturing and brought American factories and jobs back home? to stop the pillaging of us intellectual property. serious penalties in place for violating religious freedoms. And finally, who had the guts to call a spade a spade

It rightfully point a finger at the CCP for concealing a virus that has crippled our entire world.

President Trump.

Now do you understand why they hate him so much , they’ve been coming after American coming after you and I for decades.

And their plan was basically complete, that is, until President Trump got in their way.

Right now, we’re in a battle for our republic. The enemy is already inside the gates.

Even those we thought we could trust have turned on us. They’re not fighting with guns and bombs now. but was words, ideas and narratives, because what they’re fighting for, our minds.

In nineteen fifty six Communist leader Christian Lindner said we will take America without firing a shot.

We do not have to invade the US. We will destroy you from within. I hope you can see now.

The invisible enemy is Communism. In the most deadly virus is a Chinese Communist Party.

It’s sneaks into a country through the voice of corrupt politicians, businessmen.

The people power and influence, it rips through cities and towns, bodies and minds, leaving no stone unturned

No soul untouched in a trail of death and destruction in its wake.

It sow his seed by convincing us that lies are truth, evil is good and hatred is love.

The division is unity , is that our enemies are each other, man versus woman, rich versus poor black versus white, left versus right, it takes root when we feel helpless, afraid and alone.

It erases our history and slanders our forefathers, teaches our children to hate themselves, their families in their country.

It ridicules our beliefs, undermines our values in a tax, our way of life.

It even demands that we kneeled down in shame, But we will not be ashamed

It can pull the wool over our eyes anymore, because we know who they are.

We fought to escape tyranny, We bled to end slavery. We revere  the brave men who died to secure our freedom.

We welcome people of all races and religions we love. Our neighbors may help the poor.

We cherish our families, we work hard for what we have with you tonight in times of hardship.

We know good from evil and truth from lies, and we know that our race don’t come from the government.

But from God, and we will fight to the dark to protect the brights.

The time it is critical, we, the people need to call upon our presidents to defend us from enemies foreign and domestic and uphold his oath.

For the time being, we still have a free press and free speech at our fingertips.

But if we don’t grab hold of them now, I will lose them forever, independent, honest media companies like away in Newsmax, in the Epoch Times.

guide us out of the darkness. Will mainstream media will only drag us further down.

It’s time to stop giving them our money, our attention in our minds, unlike their Facebook pages, unsubscribe for their emails, unfollow them on Twitter.

Delete their apps and stop visiting their web sites, support the countless patriots who go through hell and high water to give this information to you.

Like their contexts of scribe to the channel’s share their videos, spread their message.

Stop using Google Search, Google is censoring every result in robbing you of your rights of the facts. Start using DuckDuckGo and compare them, you’ll be shocked.

Get off Twitter and Facebook is switch to Parler .

millions of patriots how have already turned their backs on these talks and companies

Keep their  silence, our voices .

Join millions of patriots were standing up in rallying across the country demanding justice in rejecting Communism .

Our enemies snuck in during the night and trying to use the media to let’s us sleep while stole. Our country. But instead, they awoke the sleeping giant. We see them for who they are now.

In the never be able to fool us again? They tried trigger a great recession , But instead, nature of a great awakening. We will look back five years from now and tell our children we did nothing.

 as our nation was strong, you will tell him that we fought for and won our freedom, just like our forefathers. In seventeen seventy six. America is the last bastion of freedom in the world .We are the only remaining threat to the CCP Virus before the world.

in fact , That we will not fall. It’s time to stand with our founding fathers .

it’s a result , power of these people in the power of God.

We are the Patriots.

Author: XO酱
Video transcript: 正常人