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At 6:30 am this Friday, an RV full of explosives exploded in front of 166 N 2 Avenue in downtown Nashville. The explosion shook the streets of the area, smashed windows, damaged buildings, and wounded three people. In addition, businesses and several houses in 41 districts were damaged. Fire Chief William Swann said several residents were displaced. The American Red Cross in Tennessee says it is assisting the displaced.

Metro Nashville Police Department tweeted: “This appears to have been an intentional act,”  As the investigation continues, “Law enforcement is closing downtown streets as investigation continues.”

Authorities found some human remains at the explosion center. It is not clear whether these remains were related to the explosion and whether they belonged to the responsible person or the victim. The city of Nashville activated its emergency operations center.

The chief of the Nashville Metropolitan Police Department, John Drake, told reporters at a press conference that an audio warning was being played before the RV was blown up.

The warning said: “If you can hear this message, evacuate now,” 

“Basically (it) was saying that it was going to detonate within a certain time frame,” Drake told reporters. “The officers immediately began knocking on doors and evacuating residents here not knowing if the bomb was going to detonate immediately or if it was going to go off in the time that it stated.”

This explosion chose to be in the early morning when pedestrians were scarce, and early warning was given. Obviously, the creators did not want to cause a large number of casualties.

But it is worth noting that the explosion damaged some AT&T facilities and caused some problems with services in the area. 

“Service for some customers in Nashville and the surrounding areas may be affected by damage to our facilities from the explosion this morning,” company spokesman Jim Greer told Fox News.  “We are in contact with law enforcement and working as quickly and safely as possible to restore service.”

The explosion on Friday also affected the operations of Nashville International Airport, when the air traffic control tower terminal and radar approach control facilities lost their telephone and Internet functions. An order has been issued to restrict traffic in the surrounding airspace.

Cooper signed an executive order, issued a state of emergency, and imposed a 48-hour curfew in the affected area, which took effect at 4:30 pm.

It is unclear what the intention of the explosion is, and the investigation is still ongoing.