Trump will win. Please remember what I’ve said today, Trump will be the president for sure.

The Chinese domestic economy will be the first one to collapse, and there might be a local and regional or a large scale war occurring simultaneously.

This is a general consensus among the people of intelligence in the west and the whole world.

We need to understand how we defined wars in the past.

The economy was neither dead nor alive for several years or a period of time.

The war started reluctantly when they could not achieve an agreement through diplomacy.

Then it recovered gradually after the mess for a few years.

For this time, after the virus is identified as biological warfare, the whole western world will not treat the CCP with the same attitude as before.

The Chinese economy will collapse instantly.

The CCP is too big, and this has never happened in human history.

It is the world’s second largest economy with 1.4 billion people, 90 million communist members, and 200 million who take government salaries.

Further, China’s rapid urbanization consumes a lot of energy.

As soon as it falls, you may see that the CCP is just a tofu slag project that might collapse at any second.

By that time, there might be simultaneous regional wars in Taiwan or the South China sea, or could be global warfare.

It could be happening within a second. You don’t feel it at all, it takes place.

This day will definitely come. We hope it will end soon or immediately, not last for a long time.