Dr. Limeng Yan is one of such hero both physically and morally.

Bannon: With the CCP virus, everything she said has turned out to be accurate right and she also was somebody months ago said, as soon as you try to come up with a vaccine, which can be very difficult to do in a short period of time, you’re going to see another virus, another strain of this immediately come up and look what you got going in the UK now.

Daily Mail and all these stories exclusives with the BAT woman in the Wuhan lab, who they’re trying to make a media hero. Remember, the whole world’s economy has been destroyed, the balance sheets of all these countries have been destroyed, you know millions people dead over 300,000 United States. complete catastrophe, our whole election turned upside down because the CCP, but nobody knew the bat woman is being put up by the mainstream media. Why does she lack credibility and what is the story of Wuhan lab?

Dr. Yan: the bat woman should be very famous scientist who donate her life into the bat viruses and other genetic virus study in China and she has many publications including the famous one is about how SARS comes from the bat and now she is promoted by the Chinese government to be the one work at antivirus field and also China government won’t tell people that Chinese Communist Party work very hard with the scientific world to fight with the virus and if you try to say that these viruses come from the CCP lab, it’s like you should feel guilty. 

How the Chinese Communist Party and also scientific work put her there? See how they put the professor Malik Paris and other people. Actually, I already show how she made up the data about the nature origin of ethical way in my second report. Also I mentioned it in my first report basically she’s using the fabricated data collaborate with scientific world to drive people’s attention from the real reason: why we have the pandemic and the real reason is Chinese Communist Party used military lab to modify the bat virus and use it as bio weapon to attack the world. 

The bad virus that found in the miners in the Yunnan cave is another lie. They want it sounds like a mysterious story, people, especially the west, people like to listen to the story, so there are a lot of hypotheses, amount of speculation and also she did find something in that cave, but it’s not the one they used to make this virus. The recruitment of scientists to support it that either it comes from nature or it’s just because someone tried to do the good purpose, somehow release. Whatever final reason is not much you’d think about CCP creation.

Bannon: Why you think this is actually bio-weapons program? When the CCP tells the world that it’s not? It seems like the world is not actually pressing the CCP, maybe some intelligence agencies are, but the world is not pressing the CCP for an answer. How do you back your assertions up?

Dr. Yan: I already showed in the two reports cited all those publications, the studies on Chinese Communist Party and their partners work, together to do this by weapon virus, little by little every step they show they have done it, they show they can do it, they showed CCP encouraging and also they show that how the Chinese Communist Party collaborates with the scientific world to make up a lot of data on paper or tell the lies to let people believe them all these things. Whatever happened in the whole year just based on the common sense, what we’ve told you in the media. I think people can make their judgment. 

CCP is not held accountable now by world governments led by the United States. What’s going to happen?

First thing is China government will collaborate with WHO and also investigation teams and also scientific world to persuade that the SARS Covid-19 comes from nature, is not intentionally released;
The second thing is, they will tell you that actually it’s not originated from even China, it happened in anywhere in the world, include US, Europe or the other countries;
The third things is, Chinese propaganda will make you to believe, including your mainstream media will help them to persuade people that Chinese Communist Party is great, it’s helpful and also very innocent in fight Covid-19.  people should respect them;
And the fourth is very important thing,  they will ask to blame President Trump’s administration that they are incapable to anti Covid-19 and people start blame him of that.