In his GTV live broadcast video on Dec. 14, 2020, MR. Miles Guo talked about the struggles behind the global Internet outages. Although CCP didn’t cause the outages, it had hacked Western technology companies, and it will certainly take the fall. Its behaviors have also facilitated the Western legal and governmental systems to take it down by lawful operations.


Today, the global internet was under attack, and I can tell everyone 100 percent it wasn’t done by the CCP. The CCP doesn’t have the capability or guts for this, and it has been looked up to too much. But eventually, it will certainly take the fall, which meets the strategic needs of taking it down. Step one is to take down its Great Firewall (GFW). Then there will be more things to come.

The CCP can use below-the-belt dirty tricks, and so can they [CCP’s opponents]. Even if they don’t use those tricks, they have more ways [of reaching the same goal], right? Like those pro-democracy phonies, if we wanted to be like them, we would got more ways of doing their dirty tricks. We choose not to deal with things their way, but sometimes we need to be strategic and tactical.

The Western world is not foolish, [and it knows it has to] tear down the GFW, particularly to cut off the secret communication networks with the CCP, [to deny the CCP’s access] to all the network storage in the West which have stored vast volumes of information, particularly Gmail and social media. Inside those, [The CCP has] implanted [Trojan horse] programs and hidden some vulnerabilities and sniffers. Only through such a “sudden death” can source them out. Only through such a “sudden death” can CCP’s big data technologies, including all the wireless telecommunication networks in the sky, and especially submarine communications cables, in the true S & T realm, be found.

Like examining patients, it’s not okay if you don’t undergo a thorough examination. Only by using shock therapy, or by injecting radiocontrast agents for B-mode, can problems in your body be seen clearly. This operation bore gigantic risks, and it is the biggest one throughout the history of the Internet. In the end, it will be told that it was definitely the CCP that had hacked Western technology [companies], which it surely did. It has done a tiny bit, and based on that, they [CCP’s opponents] will make it into a big story.

Like a burglar trying to steal things from someone’s home. The owner knew everything about it but still let you [the burglar] do what you want. So you stole an egg, but the owner took away 2 diamonds bigger than the egg. And the burglar was you, and you couldn’t make it clear that you didn’t take away the diamonds while you were stealing the egg. On the court, you were being asked,”Did you steal any egg?” “Yes, I did.” “Did you break into the house?” “Yes, I did.” “Where did you enter the house from?” “From the windows.” What has the owner lost? The owner has lost an egg. What else was lost? Several egg-sized diamonds, and that was done by you. You can hardly say a word to defend yourself. Finally, when the judge announces the verdict, you will end up being sentenced for stealing not an egg, but several diamonds bigger than the egg instead. Your sentence will be decided [based upon the fact] that you stole the egg-sized diamonds. 

So to speak, for the preceding period of time, Secretary Pompeo has always been talking about what operations can tear down the GFW of the CCP. It won’t happen like how people have imagined by recruiting some hackers and having it hacked. That’s impossible. Before the sky WiFi [SpaceX Starlink broadband] is put into operation, tearing down the GFW is the only way to force the CCP to truly respect the international order for telecommunication networks.

It [the CCP] originally just wanted to do some teeny-tiny things like this little burglar, but its opponents have turned it into a big crook. All the things [I mentioned above] have facilitated the taking down of the CCP. And they have also led to the creation of legal evidence desperately needed for taking down the CCP, right? These facts must be held [by the West], so can the Western legal and governmental systems operate lawfully. So my brothers and sisters, to take down the CCP is not as simple as something you thought it would be.

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