In my opinion, Steve Jobs is the most outstanding person among all American entrepreneurs. He created the legend of Apple that opened a new era of communication. He really combined science, art, technology and humanity in the Apple products and the entrepreneurship is certainly part of Apple as well. Today Apple has become a real trillion dollar empire and since too many people remain fascinated by its products, so even cult of Apple has also emerged.

The most remarkable thing about Apple is its brand new concept. In the design, with the most intuitive way and the simplest way to control, one button did everything, whereas others at that time were using a bunch of keys, like Nokia. Apple adopted the philosophy of minimalism, which is a traditional concept of Zen, and Steve Job’s life was also related to Zen. He was a Buddhist and he meditated every day. His philosophy was really reflected in the design of Apple products.

There are controversies about Steve Jobs, but we’re talking about his business achievements only, not his personal life. His way of doing business is not controversial. How the way of business was applied to his career was apple’s design and design methods. According to his biography, his office was empty, just a futon, and he meditated every day. In meditation, inspiration came from his mind, which was Zen Buddhism told us “Not based on the written word, directly pointing to the human mind.” He said “live to change the world” and “live in every present moment as if live in the last moment of life” that is the Buddhist concept of impermanence. He always said that the only way to achieve something great is to love what you do, and if you have not found it yet, keep looking and never give it up. Following one’s heart is also the Buddhist concept and the wisdom of Buddhism contributed to his success.

The next model is the Jews, who have always been awesome, the richest people in the world, known as the world’s gold mine. With less than 0.25% of the population, they occupy 20-25% of the top seats in the world’s super-rich list and control more than half of the world’s wealth. They have complete system and famous classics, the Jewish Talmud. Jews never expect a night sudden wealth, and they believe that achievements depend on talents. They learn from ancestors that sky drops pasty will never happen, but pitfalls are everywhere. So they are typically oriented toward down-to-earth attitude, starting at the bottom and turning the mundane into something outstanding.

Don’t try to make oceans all at once, but always start with little streams. The business wisdom of the Jews is recorded in the Talmud and their essence is well worth expanded discussion. They use the Way of Cosmos to manage their business, which overlaps with the traditional Chinese wisdom. Thrifty Jews stress pragmatism and they are good at finance and investment, so it is rare to see brand name luxury stores in Israel because they don’t think the luxuries are worth the money.

People who are obsessed with luxuries, to some extent, lack self-confidence, so they need to package themselves to appear classy, which is called vanity! In the next episode, we are going to talk about Mile Guo who truly understands elegant and tasteful design.


Author:Lily  心灵感应

Translator: Squirrel

Original opinion article by Himalaya Vancouver G-farm – 2020/12/23