Mr. Miles Guo posted a short video on his Getter on December 21, 2020. The short video shows the heart-breaking reality of China’s poverty situation, right after the CCP introduced itself to the world as the global “champion of poverty reduction”. Take down the CCP! 

Link to Mr. Guo’s Getter: 


What are you doing?

I’m collecting bottles.

Don’t you feel cold?

No, I’m not cold.

Not cold? On such a rainy day, your hair’s got all wet, but why are you still out to pick up bottles?

My grandma’s birthday is coming, and I am out of money, so I pick up plastic bottles to trade for some money. I want to buy her a piece of clothing, a new piece of clothing.

Want to buy her a new piece of clothing?


Kid, your coat got soaked.

It doesn’t matter.

Can I take a look at your home?

Yes, you can.

Have we arrived at your home? Is this your home?

Yes, it is.

Is she your grandma?

Yes, she is.

Your grandma isn’t feeling very well, right?

Right, she has an itchy throat.

Her throat is itchy. Yes. Please come in. I just collected these few bottles.

Are they all collected by you?

How much will you get for this one bag of bottles?

Two to three Chinese Yuan [$0.40].

Two to three Yuan for a bag of bottles? What do you have for dinner every evening?

We only have potatoes.

Only potatoes?


Don’t you have rice to eat?

No, we don’t.

Why don’t you eat rice?

Because we don’t have rice at home.

Do you solely eat potatoes for dinner [no other foods]?

Yes, and only potatoes for breakfast, too.

Do you have potatoes [only] for both breakfast and dinner?


What grade are you in?

Third grade.

How are your parents?

My mom and dad are divorced. My mom has been in prison for 15 years. Haven’t seen my dad for 10 years. My grandma has been raising me since I was 3.

So you’ve been living with your grandma [for all these years]?


Do you miss your dad?

No, I don’t.

Do you miss your mom?

Yes, I do.

How old is your grandma?

77 years old.

What would you say to your mom if you could visit her?

I would say,”Will you be back soon? I miss you so much!” I would say like this. 

What would you tell your mom if she is by your side?

I want to tell her that we will never ever separate. If she scolds me, I won’t talk back. If she beats me, I won’t cry.


Because I am her own flesh and blood. We haven’t seen each other for more than a decade.

You’ve never seen each other for more than 10 years?


You miss her, right?

Yes. I have to feed the pigs.


【Editor’s Note】What a slap on the CCP’s face of this short video! The original post of the video commented at the end: “The little girl is pretty. It seems that she doesn’t know she has been ‘lifted out of poverty’.”  The CCP has been lying to its people and the world. Taking down the CCP is the only way to lift the Chinese people out of poverty! 

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