Author: Sky City

Translator:  Rosy Cloud 七彩霞


In China today, there are very few people who can see the truth about what is happening in the world. In this world, only China, Iran, and North Korea have firewalls (censorship systems). What you can see in the news is controlled and you don’t see any objections in the news. You can’t see both sides of the story, you can’t see what’s being said outside the walls, and you can’t verify it.

Disaster is coming, however, for the uninformed Chinese people, their lives are still peaceful and quiet. The economy you see inside the wall is thriving. It’s all an illusion! The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has exposed itself this time by plotting the U.S. election fraud, showing the righteous people of the world the true face of the devil.

Faking the origin of the virus, interfering in the internal affairs of other countries, and attempting to control the world.

Initially, the U.S. authorities didn’t believe Mr. Guo Wengui’s disclosure of CCP’s conspiracy, until one by one, Mr. Guo’s warn ings proved to be correct. Dr. Li-Meng Yan of the University of Hong Kong also came forward to prove the truth of the virus, she discovered before December 31, 2019 that the new coronavirus can be “human-to-human”, according to her description, she was one of the first researchers in the world who knew the facts, but her top boss Pan Liewen not only did not pay attention to her research results, but asked her to keep quiet because “it touches the political red line”.

They started to believe.

Communist China is engaged in military-civilian integration, building missile silos and nuclear power plants in densely inhabited districts to remind foreigners that you must kill tens of millions of civilians first if you want to fight.

Even the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), Hua Chunying, has been spouting nonsense every day. She says every day that the U.S. interferes in China’s internal affairs, restricts the entry and exit of CCP members, and that each time it oppresses China, it makes the Chinese people more united and more supportive of the CCP, and the U.S. is fighting against the 1.4 billion Chinese who represent one-fifth of the world’s population.

The CCP has kidnapped all of the Chinese Lao Bai Xing (the common people). We, the people, are being represented by the MFA, so that Americans might think that 1.4 billion Chinese are equivalent to the CCP.

We must let the whole world know, let them know that the CCP does not represent the entire Chinese people! The CCP intends to have the entire Chinese people buried with it! Anonymous sources coming from the top CCP leaders say, Xi Jinping will wage war against Taiwan in order to divert attention and prolong his rule. The U.S. says that if the CCP dares to touch Taiwan, it will carry out targeted killing toXi Jinping and other top officials. Xi Jinping’s response was, if I was targeted, I would drop all Chinese nuclear bombs on the United States.  Leaving aside the question of success, this would be a disaster for the people of any country!

Would you say that such a party, such a regime, which treats everyone’s life as nothing more than dirt, is not the devil?

Still feel good about the domestic economy? What is real estate if not a bubble? Statistics show that people nationwide own several houses per capita, but have you seen the CCP lower housing prices? Which city is not expanding housing, occupying farmland and forest land, encouraging you to buy a house? The aim of replacing the previous one-child policy with two-child policy is not to solve aging issues, but to sell those extra houses.

The minimum wage increase has just been announced, and before it is implemented, prices immediately rise, and no one can stop it.

Few farmers are still willing to farm because they can’t get a price for their grain, and even the cost of fertilizers and pesticides cannot be covered. This leads to lots of arable land being abandoned. The farmers are well aware of what the real fact is when it is bragged every day that hybrid rice yields 900 Jin per mu (1 Jin = half kg; 1 Mu=0.165 Acre). And the hybrid rice developed by Yuan Longping‘s team is not free of charge for farmers, scientific research results are all transformed into their own economic benefits, like Longping High-tech and other seed enterprises. Moreover, farmers who have bought hybrid rice seeds know that the hybrid rice seed industry is definitely a profiteering industry. The price of hybrid seeds ranges from tens of Yuan per Jin to hundreds of Yuan per Jin, and only after planting do farmers know that the results are far less miraculous than the public reports claim.

Unwittingly, China is already a big country dependent on imported food. If there is an imminent conflict, the first thing to do is to cut off your food supply. In the end, it is the civilians who will suffer, isn’t it? Will the high level CCP members be starved? Those leaders will be hiding in underground bases by the time.

My dear brothers and sisters, compatriots and fellow fighters, the CCP has done so many evils, we have to rescue the innocent people. Don‘t  think it‘s not your business, don’t look down yourself as nothing, think about all the patriots who sacrificed their lives for freedom and democracy in Tiananmen Square protests. We need action! We must sign up for action! Thanks to the Whistleblower Movement led by Mr. Guo Wengui to let the whole world know the true face of CCP.

Let us destroy the CCP together, follow the Whistleblower Movement, and follow the New Federal State of China! This is the only way to save the face of the Chinese people that was destroyed by the Communists.

Let us be the new Chinese!