Monday, December 21, 2020, today is the winter solstice day in the Chinese lunar calendar. This day is a very important festival for Guangdong people, and every household will prepare rich dishes to celebrate the winter solstice. Just on this special day, after Zhejiang, Hunan and Jiangxi, Guangzhou also experienced power outages in different districts in the 21st.

I saw a large number of posts discussing this phenomenon in Sina Weibo, and this topic has been on today’s hot search list. The current temperature range in Guangzhou is about 10-20 degrees, which is supposed to be the most pleasant temperature. There is no need to turn on the air conditioner at all.

Electricity consumption should not fluctuate much. In addition, when the Guangzhou Light Festival debuted on November 18, there are few blackouts or water outages in Guangzhou’s urban areas. There are generally no blackouts or water outages, or regional variations in cell phone signals.

I wonder if this intermittent power outage will spread quickly, thus leading to very much distress in life, especially now that the Communist Party of China is seriously urbanized, with high-rise residential buildings dominating, once the power outage elevators stop working, coupled with water outages, is really a disaster.

According to Communist party officials, coal shortages, combined with Russian supply cuts, have led to short-term electricity shortages. China’s coal quality is poor, its impurity content is high, and the costs of mining and transportation are higher than those of imports, so in recent years it basically relies on imports. Natural gas basically imports from Russia, and it’s only recently known that electricity is also imported from Russia, and oil is imported, so basic energy is import

Since the Sino-US trade war, the Chinese Communist Party has made enemies with the countries of the democratic league one after another, controlling imports and deliberately making things difficult to punish many countries. With the growing ranks of the Alliance for Justice, the Communist Party of China will have more and more enemies

When the Chinese Communist Party raises taxes to punish other countries, the price of imports of its own products for people’s livelihoods also rises, leading to a massive price increase and a growing deflation of the people’s wallets.

Word from the whistleblower movement has spread to remind people to prepare in advance. Mr. Guo also spoke on his live broadcast about the possibility of widespread power shortages in the Communist China. So make sure comrades living in cities are prepared. Especially in the north, if there’s no electricity, heating and water, what a cold winter would look like

Cherish life, stay away from big cities and military installations!