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Recently, British Health Minister Matt Hancock said that the new mutant SARS-COVID-2 variant has gone out of control. The newly discovered coronavirus strain has increased its infectivity by 70% and has spread widely in the UK outside of Northern Ireland.

In September this year, the United Kingdom discovered a new mutant SARS-COVID-2 variant in a patient. After detailed clinical, behavioral and epidemiological investigations, researchers discovered whole-genome sequencing.

Dr. Susan Hopkins of Public Health England said: “This variant-named VUI-202012/01, has a “very clear genetic composition that we can follow.” He added that this mutant virus is more likely to spread than other variants. Similar strains have been found in Denmark, Australia, South Africa, the Netherlands and other countries.

On December 11 (Friday), the government received a warning, so they can take stricter measures to stop the spread and try to learn more about the actual situation.

After comparing the new mutant COVID-19 variant with the old strain currently in circulation, Public Health England and Imperial College London found that the newly discovered coronavirus strain has increased its infectivity by 70%. At the same time, the latest data collected on the mutant showed that the mutant caused 43% of new infections in southeast England, 59% of new infections in East England, and 62% of new infections in London.

The mutated coronavirus is destined to leave the UK without Christmas this year. Health Minister Matt Hancock said he had no choice but to act. The increase in cases has caused millions of people to cancel this year’s Christmas. The more contagious mutant viruses are difficult to control.

At the beginning of this year, a brave Chinese scientist risked his life to warn the public. On January 19 this year, Dr. Yan Limeng, a coronavirus expert at the P3 Laboratory of the University of Hong Kong, China through the Youtube self-media “Luther Times Review” warned the world that the new coronavirus is human-to-human transmission, a large outbreak, strong mutation, and comes from the Chinese Communist military laboratory. At that time, only 64 cases were reported in the world, and the CCP and WHO are still denying that the new coronavirus can be transmitted from person to person. However, today, 77 million people have been infected in the world, and more than 1.7 million people have died. Viral mutations have appeared all over the world, and each mutation has further increased the infectivity of the virus. Every word of Dr. Yan Limeng was confirmed. But until now, mainstream media and governments of various countries still intentionally or unintentionally ignore the truth about the source of the virus. Dr. Yan has elaborated on the source of the SARS-COVID-2 virus in an irrefutable paper, which is the CCP’s out-of-limit biological and chemical weapons. The CCP does not hesitate to sacrifice the lives of all China and the people of the world in exchange for the purpose of controlling the world.

Most of the mainstream media in the world have been controlled by the shadow government of the world. The truth is difficult to spread, but no matter how difficult it is, please spread the truth as much as possible, because this concerns each of us and our descendants into the future.