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    Throughout the ages, it has been common for various nations and countries to use seductive power to obtain information or benefits. Nowadays, CCP has applied this strategy of using the weaknesses of human nature to get what it wants to the extreme. It inherited the experiences of its communism predecessors, gathered its evil core and regarded the sexual seduction as an important component of its entire spy plan.

This article applies “swallow” the word mentioned by Mr Wengui Guo in his live broadcast to analyze how CCP communism penetration plan goes with sexual power (“yellow” part is called in CCP plan) by its female spies, but here the author would like to provide the historical background in USSR era to illustrate the training on “swallows”. With this,  you could get your understanding of the dark side in the communist world. 

   First of all, sex and espionage have always existed in human history. It is a way to use human instincts and desires to seduce and control related objects. You might easily find numberless examples in history books.  Basically,  beautiful women or handsome men are put to carry out their techniques to attract, tempt, bribe, blackmail, instigate or kill anyone they would like to target.

This method is efficient and so it is widely used in war, politics, economy or technology. In modern times,  Nazi Germany might be one of the largest organisation applied this method; and the most famous one is USSR, which has trained and recruited a big number of “Swallow” (female spy) and “Crow” (male spy) to serve for it.

  Secondly, speaking of “Swallow”, was originally the name used by the KGB for training female secret agents and female spies during the Soviet era.  Young women with good looks are selected, trained without any bottom line, and finally are fully utilized and then ruthlessly abandoned. Many of these “swallows” are cut off from the organization after their service or even disappear when finishing their tasks.

In addition, many “swallows” are faced with great psychological impact and mental pressure. Actually, they all face to big damage and huge risk in their lives no matter whether they successfully participate in the training or not, successfully trained or succeeded in the mission or not. From the facts we could know, there are very few “swallows” who can get a normal life and spend the rest of their lives peacefully.

   Third, take the former Soviet Union’s “swallows” as an example: The training starts from both physical and psychological aspects, to get rid of the shame of the trainees and the psychological barriers under physical promiscuity. During the learning period, they are naked in one-to-one work,  pair work and group work to observe, touch, tease, etc each other or one another.

Furthermore, at this stage, mixed exercises and veteran demonstration exercises are required, and various pornographic videos and selfie videos are analyzed to observe and discuss together. The second step is to do a lot of practice and internship. Sexual activities are among people of the same sex and opposite sex densely; at the same time, they are required to practice as more as they can in pairs, groups.

Therefore, they can improve their seduce power and skills by using videography-shooting, real-scene observation, group discussion, analysis and comments and so forth. To get the aim, sexual skill is one thing; using espionage tools proficiently is another thing. For example, they must learn how to use or block related materials during intercourse, how to keep the other party into a hidden camera, how to smoothly take pictures during the whole process, how to snap the close-up etc. The training of “Swallow” actually brings destroying to any female spies. In other words, it is a big challenge to their human nature.

   Fourth, the graduation exam for “Swallows” in the former Soviet Union is to seduce the target and have successful sex with it. There may be teenagers with no sexual experience; there may also be elderly people with weak sexual desires. They all need “swallows” to use their sexual experience and skills to inspire and tempt them to be teased and finally become swallows’ prey. There was once a “Swallow” who defected successfully wrote: the instructor said that we are soldiers, our weapons are our bodies, and we are fighting on the front line of war.

Before the end of the training, we have become nasty, shameless and sexually experienced girls, ready to obey orders at any time. In fact, many “swallows” are coaxed, coerced and lured to achieve success in selection and recruitment by KGB. Many girls are willing to sacrifice their bodies and lives to become sex spies with promises of a special reward, brainwashed with national interests, and influenced with civic responsibility. However, they don’t realize they are victims and slaves of so-called patriotism.

   In the entire communist world, it is a lie to call for people to the liberation of all mankind or sacrifice for the country. Actually, all is to serve the interests of a few people snatched the national power. This is the essence of the red communism. The same thing not only happened in the former Soviet Union and in the former Democratic Germany in the past; but also happened in the CCP China.

Most girls and women serving in communist spy agencies are children from civilian families, who have been applied to physical tools by dark forces. They have no human dignity, and they have lost the right to have a normal life. Besides, many of them are very depressed and miserable for the rest of their lives. If you can understand these things behind the swallows in communism world, you can know how greatly communism destruction and suppression of human nature are.  Consequently, it is easy to get the clues of female spies’ real picture in CCP.


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Author: Xima, Three-Squirrels

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