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Highlights in LUDE Media evening program on 13th,Dec,2020:

1. A hacking group backed by a foreign government carried out cyber attacks  on the US Department of the Treasury and Commerce

The Epoch Times reported on 14th,Dec[1]: On Sunday(13th,December), Multiple media reports, a hacking group backed by a foreign government carried out cyber attacks on a department of the US Department of the Treasury and Commerce.

Hackers use NTIA’s office software (Microsoft’s Office365) vulnerability to launch an attack. Sources said, hackers had monitored the emails of the agency’s employees for months. Some insiders exposed :“These hackers were “very sophisticated” and were able to fool the Microsoft platform’s authentication for surveillance, which is a foreign government  (backed action) but has not yet been identified.”Now, the investigation is still in its early stages and a number of federal agencies, including the FBI, are involved in the case. Foreign government hackers with “world-class capabilities” broke into its networks and stole defence tools used to attack thousands of its customers, according to FireEye, a leading American cyber security company. These customers include federal, state and local governments and top global companies.

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2. 1.95 million the CCP members worldwide have been identified

The Epoch Times reported on December 14th[2]: Since the list of 1.95 million the CCP members leaked in August, the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China Policy (IPAC)  has done its investigation, and was shocked to find that the CCP members have infiltrated many corners of western society such as Britain, Australia and the United States; in the case of the UK, there were the CCP members lurking in the foreign ministry, multinational banks, high-end pharmaceutical companies, academic institutions and defence manufacturers.

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3.General Flynn: 10 Out of 10, President Trump Will be the Next President.

General Flynn said in an interview today with FOX News anchor Maria Shriver[3]: President Trump is going to win this election 100%. On Friday, the DIRECTOR of National intelligence(DNI) will deliver a comprehensive report on alleged election fraud, trigger 2018 executive order and appoint a special counsel to investigate alleged election fraud by foreign interference.

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4. Breaking Revelations of LUDE Media

Breaking 1: U.S. Attorney General William Barr and FBI Agent Christopher A. Ray are about to be fired by the Trump administration

Breaking 2: President Trump is about to appoint an independent counsel to investigate foreign interference in the US election.

Breaking 3: The National Security Council(NSC) is about to set up a committee specifically targeting the Chinese Communist Party, which will formulate various sanctions against the CCP.

Breaking 4: The US military will be on a state of readiness (martial law,etc.) to respond to the threat from the CCP.

Breaking 5: The US sets up a special secret unit to conduct special operations (Secret for now)

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