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Some countries blended with the CCP for their own short-term interests, in exchange for the CCP’s aggression of the politics, economies, cultures, military, education, and theory of the value, thereby enslaving the people of the world.

The CCP attempts to subvert the democratic systems of all countries in the world

The CCP politically draws in and corrupts politicians of various countries, including the current and former ones. Through sexual bribery, money and wealth bribery, and network control, the CCP achieves control over politicians of various countries to implement policies that are beneficial to them. Looks like these policies are good for their own country, but opposite. For example, the politicians in the United States who taking a flag with “Globlism” have promoted government policies to locate factories in China ruled by the CCP. Reducing environmental pollution in the United States, enabling the American people to obtain cheap products, and improving the Chinese economy to implement a democratic system are all lies of these “Globlism” politians. In fact, the American people lost their job opportunities and many people rely on ‘Government Relief’. And the Chinese are not only slaves of the CCP but also the slaves of these politicians. They have been slaves for a long time. They don’t know what it means to live with freedom and dignity. They don’t know anything other than meeting the basic physiological needs of animals. They can’t image how to implement the democracy system.

Kissinger and other “Globlism” lobbyists said that democracy can be implemented after China’s economy develops. These are the lies of these politicians. The actions of politicians in other countries blended with the CCP are exactly the same. For example the election controlled by the CCP in the United States, the media reported that Biden was elected, and then there were congratulations from some countries around the world, such as Canada, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Japan, Spain, Greece, etc. The leaders of these countries all knew that the results of the U.S. elections must be recognized by the law, not by the media!

Why do they do this? They are all controlled by the CCP, so they cooperated with the CCP to subvert the United States externally. When most politicians and current leaders are controlled, their countries will be controlled, and the people of all countries will become slaves to the CCP. They will control the whole world like they control 1.4 billion Chinese to be slaves. They manipulated elections through technological control and subvert the democratic systems of all countries, making people believed that their country is a truly democratic election, but it is actually a manipulated election. The election software company that manipulated the United States’ election is headquartered in Canada. Dominion’s election software was designed in Canada. Who can prove that the elections in Canada are not controlled?

The CCP monopolizes global finance

Economically, the CCP forces leaders of all countries to publish policies that are conducive to their investment in other countries without investigation, and to formulate immigration policies that are conducive to their illegitimate children and family members. For example, Chinese concept stocks listed on Wall Street are prohibited from being audited in the United States, so that they can defraud investors from all over the world through fake data. At the same time, it can also manipulate the stock markets of countries around the world to affect financial stability. This is still a bargaining chip to threaten the leaders. The CCP can also participate in foreign banks to control the banking system to influence the country’s financial system, while restricting depositors’ freedom to control their own deposits. You are a slave if your property is controlled.

Recently, the banks in many countries have controlled the rights of customers to invest with their own  deposits. I had an experience at Royal Bank of Canada. As far as I know, the above thing also occurred in New Zealand, Australia, the United States, etc. These countries are deeply controlled by the CCP. Just imagine if the CCP can control our property, they can control anyone’s property. Sooner or later, it will happen to those who are naïve to the CCP. The red devil of communism is endlessly greedy. The CCP can also disrupt the country’s currency issuance by printing counterfeit banknotes in the country. This method was used during the Kuomintang Party administration (before 1949 they moved to Taiwan). Disrupting the financial order and exploiting the people in order to control the over-issued currency of the country’s government, the soaring prices and housing prices in Canada are the results of the CCP’s troubles.

The CCP attempts to eliminate faith and truth through cultural control

The first manifestation of cultural expansion is the establishment of Confucius Institutes in various countries. Not only use the Confucius Institute as a spy agency, but also spread the most barbarous and inferior part of Chinese culture to countries around the world. These values, which are completely contrary to human nature and universal values, are spreading everywhere, causing people of all countries to weaken their inherent lifestyles and values. Over time, most people in these country have forgotten their beliefs in god. There are more and more atheistic fetishists, and they are more and more like the fools under the rule of the CCP.

Due to the lack of faith, people are becoming more and more cowardly, more and more tolerant of this devil’s arbitrary actions, and even feel that it is the only way to survive or live better in harmony with the devil. If more and more people in a country agree with the above-mentioned views, then human civilization will fall into hell. The hard life of young people in various countries nowadays is the result of the previous generation or even generations who did not resist the devil (the Communism CCP). The CCP controls people’s thoughts through the media. Now mainstream media are controlled by the CCP, they spread false information and block true information. The CCP controls people’s thoughts through Hollywood movies and TV shows, these are all means of cultural control.

Secondly, the CCP controls the education of various countries, revises the textbooks of various countries, and starts brainwashing with children. One person (on internet) living in Hawaii, USA, told me that her daughter’s elementary school textbook actually contained contents that praised the dictator Xi Jinping (Chairman of the CCP). The CCP revises Hong Kong textbooks and starts brainwashing children. Nowadays, schools, educational and scientific researchers in various countries are indoctrinating socialist communism theroy among the students, keeping young people away from faith and the real universe, teaching false knowledge, and educating people to rely on central government. Those central government countries with high taxes and high welfare make people mentally weak and rely on others for their lives. In the end, the entire economy will inevitably collapse, leading to political system and people’s psychology collapsed. There is no free lunch in the world. High welfare comes from high taxes, and taxes come from the people’s labor. The government will inevitably lead to corruption in the distribution of high taxes that are deprived of the people. If the source of taxes ceases, the lie of high welfare will be shattered. Many high-tax citizens in modern times are brainwashed. Seeing those who run for the president propose welfare policies, they choose him, but they did not expect that the president will not generate any profits. He can only rely on the taxation of the voters to maintain the benefits he promised, which means using your money to give you a salary, but you have to thank him. Some lazy voters think it is good to maintain the welfare, but if you don’t pay taxes, there is no tax source. Where do you get the welfare?

The CCP’s stealing military technology threatens global security

The CCP steals research results by sending technicians abroad to study. They adopt military-civilian integration development. The CCP’s military enterprises under the name of private enterprises invest and steal technologies in various countries, such as big data collection, nuclear technology, biotechnology, and space technology. The new coronavirus biochemical weapons thrown to the worldwide by the CCP which is one of the biotechnology weapons to control the safety and freedom of life and property in the world. The military-civilian integration project is a project in which the 1.4 billion slaves under the rule of the CCP to collect intelligence by the name of ‘they do a little international business’. And they established military facilities in important locations in countries around the world to monitor the situation of various countries and carry out military strikes at appropriate times.

Take down the CCP is necessary for the justice

Mr. Guo Wengui (Miles Kwok) started to expose the “BGY” and “3F USA” plan of the CCP by having broadcast on the internet in 2017. The “BGY” plan meaning : “B”-blue means controlling media and internet, news and reports; “G”-gold means using money and benefits to buy and bribe and corrupt the people who the CCP want to use; “Y”-yellow means using sex to corrupt and control or shut up the people the CCP controlled. “3F USA” plan (Fuck USA to weak, Fuck USA to Chaos, Fuck USA to die) which is the CCP are carrying out one plan to destroy the America. At that time, Americans didn’t care, and didn’t believe it. Now the entire United States is almost subverted by the CCP. This plan has been implemented in various countries for decades. Various countries have become vassals of the CCP without knowing it. If all countries do not fight back against the CCP like the patriots of the United States under the leadership of President Trump, then the citizens and descendants of your country will have no future. For those cowardly people, the CCP will demand your wealth and life; for those who are in the same ranks, you only get benefits temporarily. When the CCP do not need you, then you will become the CCP’s plate lunch. Looking at the Chinese high-ranking officials and businessmen, you will understand better your future is you cooperate with them. Because communism does not have the concept of a state, they want people all over the world to ‘Koutou’ (putting the knee down) to them and let them exploit.

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The only one way to survive is standing up and taking down the CCP, otherwise we all the people will enslaved by the communist demons!


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