On Dec 11 2020, Miles Guo talked about the current situation of the process of taking down the CCP. Miles said that the more President Trump overcomes the challenges (of course we don’t hope for too much trouble for him in the first place), the more helpful it would be for us to take down the CCP. President Trump is bound to win. Miles also says April to June 2021 will be a good time window for the US military to fight the CCP, or sometime after two CCP sessions. When the conditions for war mature, such as the virus, Hong Kong, the financial crisis, real estate, Amending the Constitution, and millions of officials being arrested, Chinese people will agree with fighting against the CCP.


Why do we call our logo the Star of Faith? We must put the faith at the top level. If our nation has no faith, it is no way for others to work with us, and no one is going to trust us at all.

So brothers and sisters, can you imagine what a hard time that I have been going through?  It is not easy for me at all.  The little things you are facing are just processes, just processes we have to go through. Frankly, the more President Trump overcomes the challenges (of course we don’t hope too much trouble for him in the first place), the more helpful it would be for us to take down the CCP. 

The result is irreversible. President Trump is bound to win, which is for sure. He has a number of measures. In the end, he would take actions like President Lincoln if he feels to fail. If he became “Lincoln”, it would be the greatest help to our Whistleblower Movement. If he had won easily in the first place, that “help” would not be so thorough, not so thorough.  If he were played hard and freaked out, that “help” would be more thorough. 

Just like the Chinese, if China is immediately attacked by the US army now, it might not be a good thing. However, when there is really short of food, and the CCP starts to arrest people everywhere, you cannot withdraw cash from Chinese banks, hospitals are all shut down, your housing properties become worthless, Renminbi becomes garbage, and Hong Kong dollars are useless,  Chinese people would say “Thank you America, and you really did a good job” if you attack CCP at that time.  It’s really a bit too early to attack the CCP now with the military.

Do you guys still remember three years ago at the end of 2017 and early 2018, I talked about the future of China and the banks in China. Can you imagine what those foreign-funded banks would be like? Just like the Kuomintang times, everyone desperately wanted to exchange their wealth for gold bars and silver bullion.  Just like those senior officials of the Kuomintang, they only wanted US dollars.  Now for those four major families in China, no one has RMB savings, and who wants to be an idiot to save money in RMB?  The virtual currency is being promoted by CCP nowadays, which is like Jinyuanquan (gold bill) played by Kuomintang. In the end, the Chiang Kai-shek family made the most stupid decisions, one of which was the virtual currency planned for plundering people. 

In the end, the Kuomintang themselves suffered undue hardship because of their last plundering from the people.   Nowadays, the CCP intends to play virtual currency again like the failing Kuomintang,  so this is going to be very good news for our Whistleblower Movement.

I have another to mention.  If you cannot withdraw cash from banks, the real estate collapses, the fake rolling pin market is uncovered, the food supply cannot keep up,  the unemployment crisis happens, RMB cash is worthless any more, the city management polices are on strike, Chinese people would rise up if we speak out.  It is not the time yet.

I can roughly tell April to June is a good time window. If it does not work in that time, it would be sometime after the CCP two sessions.  It is said that there will be a series of decisions in those two sessions.  That would be the end of next year, the end of 2021. I think CCP cannot last after 2021.  It is the Gengzi Year Curse that determines CCP will die. Basically, CCP will be finished in 2021 and will not exceed 2021.  So the time is tight, and there are 300 more days, 300 more days, brothers and sisters, such a big country, 1.4 billion people, how can you imagine things would be like then?

So brothers and sisters, all these actions are good for us now. The CCP will not easily give in…  CCP would never give up their privilege, absolutely impossible, and never ever possible. They would not give up their evil regime.  Do not expect they hands up and turn in their guns. If you were CCP, you dare not to give in as well.  If you give in,  you are killing yourselves.   How dare you! 

Another thing I have to tell you is that if the Chinese dare not rebel, the Chinese army dare not rebel, how dare the US troops to attack the CCP?  However, two or three years ago, if you told people that Chinse people and army dare rebel, people would thank you are crazy?  It was Impossible at that time. Now we have the right situation: CCP virus pandemic, Hong Kong riot, finance, real estate crisis, and constitution amendment by Xi and millions of officials arrested by CCP,  everything has reached a critical point, and only when the CCP is eliminated, all this problem can be solved.

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