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Broadcasted date: 17/12/2020; Speakers: Sky, Mikehua, Phoebe, Lin; Summary: Mike Hua; PR: Lin; Final read: TCC; Page: The Pawn

Topic 1: Putin and McConnell congratulate Biden for winning Election

Comment Summary:

Mitch McConnell, a Republican and the leader of US Senate, congratulated Joe Biden as president-elect and urged Republicans not to support President Trump. He knew this would be political suicide, as Mr. Bannon said he will not be leader anymore after January 5. McConnell did this because his wife, Elaine Chao was in deep connection with the CCP. McConnell is just another compromised politician in the Swamp. Meanwhile, President of Russia, Putin, congratulated Biden for winning the election. We know that Trump was troubled by claims of “Russian Collusion” ever since his presidency began, and Putin knows that. Both of them need to play this political game—they know the left is attacking for this matter, and they agreed upon not getting too close on the surface. Putin didn’t congratulate Biden immediately after the election day, he now does that because the electoral college has voted for Biden. Despite the ongoing legal battle, Putin now needs to acknowledge Biden as the ‘winner,’ otherwise, it would be too obvious. This might be a tacit agreement between Trump and Putin.

Topic 2: Hunter’s story isn’t over yet: Trump to appoint special prosecutor to investigate the Biden family business

Comment Summary:

Hunter’s hard drive isn’t over yet. The election grabbed away people’s attention from ‘Laptop from Hell.’ Now President Trump is going to take serious actions against the corrupt Biden family—starting from a special prosecutor for Hunter. Before the election, Hunter’s sex tape, emails and messages were exposed on the GTV. But the mainstream media turned a blind eye on that and kept telling their own narratives and the big techs have been playing their roles in censorship. Luckily, these media are not in charge of justice. As we know, the FBI had the hard drive in early 2019, but they didn’t do any investigation about the matter. This directly led to the impeachment farce in late 2019, and the nomination of Joe Biden for Democratic party instead of Bernie Sanders. All this is going to end sooner or later, and it’s just the beginning.

Topic 3: They got it wrong left and right: the problem is not inside America, it’s the CCP.


Comment Summary:

This article is a surprisingly accurate and insightful opinion. The problem was never inside the US, it’s the CCP who created the virus, who spread the virus, who suppressed the whistleblower and colluded with the WHO to lie to the whole world. The left and right are both busy attacking each other and missed the point here. The key to solving the pandemic is the CCP, not Democratic party, nor Republican party. We, the Citizens of the New Federal State of China, are different from the CCP. We told the world the truth in January. We want the world to be safe and prosperous. We hold liberty and the rule of law dearly. Most Chinese people would uphold our ideas, but they are just brainwashed by the CCP and have no choice. Once we take down the CCP, most Chinese people will live peacefully with the world and be prosperous with the international community.

Topic 4: G Club join now to get G fashion items for free

Comment Summary:

G fashion is very affordable. When you have a G Club membership, you can even sell limited items to earn money. Now if you buy G Club membership, you can earn a free bracelet or ring. This is a good choice for you to know about and join the membership if possible. G fashion is an effort to show to the world that Chinese people also have a high-end fashion taste. The CCP portray themselves as ‘no asset class,’ and almost all CCP officials dress improperly, even to the highest ranking. The CCP destroyed Chinese traditional culture, and smothered every single development of modern culture. This effort is to restore high-end Chinese fashion, to show that Chinese people are not supportive of CCP’s disgraceful actions to the world. We, the Chinese people, know what we want. Given a choice, we would not choose the CCP. Learn more at G Club official website (

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