Compilation: 心听见、MY
Translator:净水-源 (净水-源英文翻译:PureHeart-Yuan)

Under the hypocritical and lying education system of the Chinese Communist dictatorship, I did not know what constitutional civil rights, democracy and freedom were in those days, and even I did not know what democracy, freedom and rule of law were. What is happening in Hong Kong today is a replica of the “great achievements” of the Chinese Communist Party that violated human rights and killed tens of millions of Chinese people through various perverted purge campaigns after the establishment of the country with evil and rogue methods and lies. To date, the Chinese Communist Party has not ceased its heinous crimes of fleshing out the people and exterminating humanity. It is for this reason that, with the bloody historical facts of the past, Hong Kong people have been alert to the influence of the evil forces of the Chinese Communist Party on Hong Kong since the handover of power to China, in order to prevent the cycle of history from continuing and the destruction of the century-old democratic system, so the people of Hong Kong have been insisting on voicing their will for justice for many years.

History repeats itself because of the evil nature of the Chinese Communist Party’s dictatorship. No one would have thought that today’s Hong Kong in the age of technology and civilization is experiencing the same situation as when the Chinese people were suppressed in the style of the Cultural Revolution. The people of Hong Kong cannot escape from the totalitarian tyranny of repression and unified ideological reform, and cannot escape from the totalitarian dictatorship of the Chinese Communist Party that has stripped the citizens of their original basic rights. The present Hong Kong Communist Government is only a group of soulless, tamed under the authority of the Chinese Communist Party, with a hideous face, occupied by the slavishly pandering bones, and in order to steal and live together, it is willing to become an accomplice of the evil Chinese Communist Party’s bloody suppression of Hong Kong people. When the Basic Law was repealed, “one country, two systems” became null and void, and the only means of governance left in Hong Kong was the “National Security Law” political high-handedness, there were daily abuses of power and arrests by the police, abusive prosecutions and convictions by the judiciary, and reprisals against innocent Hong Kong people for their political stances. Recently we have seen young protesters and older peaceful protesters who have stayed behind being convicted of different crimes. And the Hong Kong people who were lucky enough to leave and go into exile continue to reserve a place for the truth about Hong Kong to speak to the world. In Hong Kong society as a whole, every sector has been the target of political regulatory reform crackdowns, and there is no peace as a result.

The storm over the amendment of the anti-evil law continues. Due to the information asymmetry and closed information channels in mainland China, some people inside the wall who used to enjoy the benefits of the preferential policies of the Hong Kong SAR, but sneered at Hong Kong people, in favor of the Hong Kong Communist government to pass draconian laws and violent suppression by the black police. The ignorant people inside the wall never try to understand the truth, which makes the author sigh that these mockers inside the wall are a group of insensitive, white-eyed wolves. In order to defend the values of democratic institutions built over the years from being replaced by tyranny and totalitarianism, as a citizen’s responsibility, when tyranny becomes a fact, the revolutionary protest voice action of Hong Kong people is to show the government that the legitimate rights and interests of citizens will not be swallowed by tyranny.

The sad fact is that under the tyrannical rule of the evil Chinese Communist Party in mainland China, the common people have never enjoyed democracy, freedom of speech, or the rule of law, and they are not treated as citizens, nor do they have the right to exercise the “fundamental rights and duties of citizens” as stated in the Constitution. The sad truth is that the people of mainland China (commonly known as the people inside the wall) are represented by a group of “rubber stamps” in human skin, and because of their own ignorance, their own civil rights and duties are also represented and taken for granted.

The people who are fooled by the lies of the Chinese Communist Party cannot experience the beauty of democracy, freedom of speech and the rule of law. Under the ideological brainwashing of the evil Chinese Communist Party, most of the people can only live in the nightmare of the Party and the State, where they have nowhere to complain even if they are bullied. The sad thing is that they are afraid to go beyond the thunderbolt, and they are not able to wake up, and some of them are even willing to be the ones who pretend to sleep without being woken up.

The people who have been brainwashed by the single-mindedness of the evil ideology of the Chinese Communist Party believe only in evil lies and deceptions, and are unable to distinguish between right and wrong, upside down. Every day, they are deceived by the ‘false, big and empty’ bragging model of the evil Communist Party, and are so happy that they have eyes like blindness.

It is difficult for such a group of people, who have lost their faith and are willing to be enslaved by the devil Communist Party to become leeks, to understand the heart of Hong Kong people who have faith and belief in the pursuit of democracy and freedom. Fortunately, we can see from the whistleblower movement that a large part of Chinese and overseas Chinese who have a clear understanding of the Communist Party, and Hong Kong people who oppose tyranny and fight for freedom have become shoulder-to-shoulder comrades and support Hong Kong with actions because they share the same beliefs.

The people of Hong Kong have never given up their original intention despite the violent suppression of their actions to defend the values of democracy and freedom, and their resolute and brave sense of social responsibility has gained the respect of people all over the world. We are experiencing the age of duel between evil and justice, no matter how the evil Chinese Communist Party organization’s dying struggle, I firmly believe that, do not forget the original intention, the only way to get always, adhere to the faith, the final justice will definitely win. The original intention remains unchanged is also the belief of each of our whistleblower movement fellow fighters to persist in the action to destroy the Communist Party.

The above is author’s personal views.