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Oct 2020, Manning Chen (alias), an orphanage 9-yo old girl, was sentenced to be responsible for her dead father’s 550,000 RMB (~$84,000 USD) debt and listed as the youngest debtor by the Intermediate People’s Court of Zhengzhou, Henan Province.

She is considered as the youngest Laolai in the country, which means people who can’t or avoid to pay their debt or people who default on their court orders under the Chinese Communist regime’s social credit system. 

The court also issued her a restraining order for consumption on Nov 25th, so that she is not allowed to buy goods or services with price at a certain level.

Later on Dec 16th, the court lifted the restraining order and issued an apology.

About the case

Eight years ago, Manning’s father murdered her mother and grandmother (mother’s side) and later was sentenced to death. So that Manning became an orphan being raised by her grandfather (also mother’s side).

The dad prepared to sell his house after the crime and received the 550,000 RMB deposit from the buyer. However, the ownership of the house did not manage to happen before the death penalty. As a result, the buyer sued the “heir” Manning to pay back the purchase deposit.

Of course she was not able to pay for the huge amount of money. Her custody grandpa refused to sell the house for the debt as the house was the only property for both of them, an elder and a kid, which they relied on.

About Laolai under the social credit system

In plain words, Laolai means dishonest or faithless people. Such a person is not eligible to get loans from banks, purchase expensive goods or services like certain kinds of transportation including flights or high level trains. Their personal information, including photo, address, ID number, phone number, penalty and so on, might be shown on public boards on busy streets, which is a public execution.

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