Author: 老姜

Editor: BigMama

Miles Guo held a livestream on GTV on 15th December 2020 for his followers and touched on several current topics.

In particular, Miles told his followers to prepare themselves for the unexpected.

This is related to the presidential election, the foreign interference in it and the outcome of party politics.

The Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China have been proven as reliable sources and trustworthy partners to the West.

Miles again reiterated that the current happenings were beneficial to both organisations and that this is helping to speed up the demise of the CCP.

January and February 2021

“I do not rule out the chance that Joe Biden will be announced as the next President on January 6 or 15. Yet, since a lot of states will not accept the result, Nancy Pelosi may take the position instead, and then the final winner will change to President Trump. This scenario may be delayed until next February and has a 20% probability.”

——— Miles Guo

Military response

“If during this period, it can be proven that foreign forces have actually interfered in the U.S. election, there will definitely provoke a military response. No matter who becomes the next President, it will not change the military action result. If the evidence is convincing enough, this presidential election result will be abolished.”

——— Miles Guo

President Trump

“President Trump still has 3 cards in his hand, including martial law and the wartime president … My fellow fighters, please prepare yourself well as all kinds of unexpected things can happen.”

——— Miles Guo

Whistleblower Movement benefits

“Regardless which scenario, everything that has happened so far, is very beneficial to our Whistleblower Movement. Only through this way, can the West finally realize how much the CCP can threaten the U.S. Fearing our capabilities, the CCP has been doing everything possible to smear us from their Los Angeles base.”

——— Miles Guo

Global cyber attack

“This morning’s global cyber attack was not conducted by the CCP, it did not have this kind of ability, yet due to the strategic need, the world will hold it accountable for this attack as it had done so to the West from time to time.

Just like a physical examination, this “shock therapy” is a huge risk for the patient to take. The cyber attack this morning on Google and Youtube is the biggest of its kind ever. Only by breaking down the CCP firewall can the CCP finally comply to world norms and order.”

——— Miles Guo

U.S. to be reborn

“The United States is facing two wars: to destroy the CCP and the possible civil war.

The Deep State and Swamp are two different concepts. The Swamp will continue to exist, it is impossible to disappear, it is just a matter of its degree and it needs a certain level of balance.

With the reshuffle of American economic interests and technology. The United States will be reborn from this crisis. In any case, CCP will be destroyed. At this moment, the other two wars that the U.S. is dealing with are to ensure that President Trump will win the re-election.”

——— Miles Guo

Destroying the CCP and GTV

“The actions and achievements that our New Federal State of China and Whistleblower Movement have demonstrated to the West and made them realize that we are vastly different from the CCP.

Destroying the CCP is not as simple as many people imagined.

I am very excited today. It is an important day. Everything that is happening is beneficial to us. Our Whistleblower Movement requires wisdom. GTV is the only media that runs smoothly when the global Internet is down.”

——— Miles Guo