Correction: AMA appeared to have not adopted the resolution regarding using HCQ for Covid-19. As a result, the story was adjusted. But our stance on HCQ has not changed. We apologize for the mistake.

After more than 300,000 lives lost, the American Medical Association (AMA) may rescind hydroxychloroquine prevention order so that doctors can now prescribe Hydroxychloroquine tablets (HCQ) to cure and prevent the Covid-19, as documented in its November 2020 handbook resolution.

In the resolution, AMA may:

A Fox News report has summarized major events that politicized the use of HCQ for Covid-19 treatment, by the media and politicians.

Dr. Zelenko, one of the loudest voices advocating HCQ as treatment and prophylaxis for Covid-19, roared his anger on Twitter about the decision that AMA made to bar doctors from prescribing HCQ before. He called AMA “Amerian Murder Association”.

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He is also calling for a class action against those holding people back from using HCQ for Covid-19 treatment and prophylaxis. We are not sure who is on the list of legal battles he intends to wage the war (with “No Mercy”), but it likely includes medical associations, academia and pharmacy companies.

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We need to find out the role of scientists playing in the oppression of HCQ and the cover-up of the pandemic, so that real experts would be employed to facilitate the ultimate resolution for the pandemic.

Those who obstructed the use of this over 70-year old drug with decades of safety record need to be investigated. Why did they do all they can to suppress a drug that can potentially end this pandemic ?

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