(Di Dongsheng) wants to follow the example of Zhang Zhaozhong, Jin Canrong, but this guy, he is especially intent to establish a network with the people in the Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency.

Plus, he has a classmate sitting on the International Security Committee. We should say that the Renmin University of China (RUC) has an advantage in recent years, because many people from the RUC got promoted to the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI) as well as the National Security Council.

Then look at his resume, the courses he teaches, and his connections, while there was a time, he was talking about the relationship between President Trump and Russia. He said that he asked the people around Putin, and he would talk about it later at his convenience.

He was not braging. What is his full value?  What he talked about in the live broadcast is totally true.

Fellow Fighters, don’t forget, he was telling the truth, this guy was not braging.

He is not like Li Yi, Sima Nan, Zhang Zhaozhong, and also Jin Canrong, who knew what the facts are, but have been lying through their teeth.

And then, making some jokes, talking nonsense. They know how to use sense of humor, the knowledge in the areas you are not familiar, wrapping up with professional titles, sugar up lies to the public.

However, Di Dongsheng, this guy, he is young, he speaks the truth, he sincerely believes The Chinese Communist Party is great. He has been completely brainwashed by the CCP.

And there is a “lump” of people within the CCP, let me use “lump”, a lump of people is referring to this certain group of people, who are especially of a similar age with Di Dongsheng (born in 1976).