Compilation: 恩典、MY、billwilliam

The 12 Hongkongers have been detained at the Yantian Detention Center for more than 100 days so far, after they were sent to mainland China. Recently, their families received a second letter asking their families to hire HK lawyers to write confessions on their behalf. The CCP also sent lawyers to raise “special requirements,” such as asking their family questions unrelated to their travel and asking their family to submit family photos.

The CCP previously signed the Sino-British Joint Statement to take away Hongkong by fraud, but the CCP never kept its promises to the international world. Despite its horrible reputation, the CCP continued its evil activities, which revealed its thuggish nature. The CCP may appear beautiful, but this cannot cover up its thuggish nature.

We can imagine how many secret CCP members Communist China sent to infiltrate the entire world, particularly Hongkong’s government. Those compromised by the CCP become “zombies” that function as pawns for the CCP.

 The CCP ignored international objections and detained the Hongkongers, showing its blatant, shameless, and thuggish nature to the world. The CCP hijacked the 1.4 billion Chinese people and boasted about its “invincibility,” but its aspiration to conquer the world is only a pipedream. The CCP’s ignorance and hubris will cause all justice forces in the world to attack it.

The CCP promoted its image through its propaganda, but it has many evil deeds.  

The CCP’s evilness is inconceivable to the common people. The 12 Hongkongers’ families received letters asking their families to hire HK lawyers to write confessions on behalf of them. The CCP secretly sent “designated” lawyers to raise special requirements, such as asking questions unrelated to the travel and asking their family to submit family photos.

Carrie Lam’s government and HK police are the CCP’s running dogs. The CCP already knew about information about the 12 Hongkongers. Why would the CCP take this action? This only revealed the CCP’s cowardice in its totalitarian rule.

The Hongkongers are waking up from the anti-Extradition movement. The CCP’s ploys are shown to the world, such as governing the country by fraud, lies, mafia tactics, police-state tactics, sexual entrapment and other evil activities, etc.

The CCP is no longer satisfied in hijacking only the 1.4 billion Chinese people. We don’t want the tragedy of 12 Hongkongers’ being detained in mainland China to happen again. We don’t want the earth to be turned into hell. Everyone who has faith and loves democracy has the responsibility to take down the CCP.