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Zhong Nanshan, a household name as China SARS fighter from 17 years ago, has been appointed to lead and control on Covid-19 (CCP virus) from Jan 2019 in Wuhan China. Zhong became a public face of China’s effort to control a new stain of coronavrius(CCP virus), was named by Time as one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2020. The truth was, Zhong is a dishonored liar. On Dec 12th, he has been invited to unveil his own memorial statue in The Affiliated High of South China Normal University.

Zhong, who is a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and director of the National Clinical Research Center for Respiratory Disease in Guangzhou, China; is widely praised and respected for leading advice in managing the crisis, suggesting control measures to contain the disease and sharing the successful treatment plan with the international community. It turns out that all he told were lies.

January 23th, in a Chinese media interview: ” What do you think of the statement that Wuhan government is concealing of the epidemic, which led to the large-scale spread of the virus?”

“I can confirm that there is nothing hidden about the number of patients in Wuhan and Guangdong,” Zhong responded. “The whole process is open and transparent. “

However, CNN published an article revealed the contents of an official document in Wuhan that indicated the CCP had mishandled Covid-19 (CCP virus) in the early stages on Dec 1st ,2020. “China has concealed the extent of the coronavirus outbreak in its country, under-reporting both total cases and deaths it’s suffered from the disease,” the U.S. intelligence community concluded in the classified report to the White House.

Mr Guo Wengui, the founder of the Whistleblower Movement and New Federal State of China, who was hailed for his integrity and accurate intelligence, has remained a public figure ever since, weighing in on public media to reveal the truth and committed to take down the Communist Party of China, disclosed in a live broadcast that the real number in Wuhan of infected and deaths number from CCP virus was much higher than the number published by the CCP government, and the death toll in Wuhan was more than 10 times higher than you can imagine.

Zhong has compiled a Covid-19(CCP virus) diagnosis and treatment protocol, and has been recognized as great contributor to the prevention and control of epidemics. But the truth is, the recommend medicine from Zhong, e.g. Lianhua Qingwen Capsules, has been proved that lacked valid medical research to show it’s effectiveness of prevention and treatment to CCP virus. However, a further investigation found that Zhong has commercial interest with the medical company. In August 2020,Zhong received an award from Xi Jinping, the general secretary of the Communist Party of China and chairman of the Central Military Commission, a Medal of the Republic. It is the highest state honor for Zhong’s outstanding contribution to stick up for CCP’s political correctness.

The memorial statue of Zhong Nanshan, will be a statue to remind him a public shame of all his dishonored behaviors during CCP Virus epidemic.