Author: 老姜

Editor: BigMama

On 10th December 2020 Miles Guo held a live broadcast for the members of the Whistleblower Movement on

He warned again about the dangers of the Pfizer vaccine for the CCP-virus.

Further Miles spoke about the importance of the internal conflict in China and other actions against the CCP.

The value of the Hong Kong dollar and their stock exchange needs close attention.

Miles reminded his followers of the international consequences for the CCP, because of the arrogant speech of Zhai Dongsheng. Miles assured his listeners that momentous changes are afoot.

Pfizer vaccine warning!

“The Covid-19 vaccine that Pfizer launched will become a second disaster of the CCP-virus. This vaccine is the result of the collaboration of the world’s dark forces and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).”

——— Miles Guo

Proof of the CCP-bioweapon given to the U.S.

“The CCP is trying to completely destroy all their secret documents on making and spreading the CCP-virus.

Our fighters inside the CCP risked their lives and kept some of these critical documents. They fled to the U.S. and gave these to the U.S. government. One of them is a female fighter. I must pay my highest respects to her and her family.”

——— Miles Guo

The CCP is facing total destruction

“The extermination of the CCP is not mainly influenced by the China-U.S. economic conflicts, the CCP-virus, nor the U.S. election result anymore. What really matters is what is currently going on in China and its internal political and military turmoil. Our Whistleblower Fighters within the CCP will take the fight to end the CCP to a new level! At this moment while I am broadcasting, major events are happening in Nanjing and Hangzhou. Check out what is happening in Hainan Province and in the Southern China Sea. Right now, in Washington, New York, and Los Angeles, U.S. government agencies are in contact with our people within the CCP.

Let’s wait for two things:

1. Yuan Shikai type of people and their real actions against the CCP,

2. U.S. Space Force and its action, and after they get what they need, the U.S. election will be settled by then.”

——— Miles Guo

The CCP-gravedigger – Prof. Zhai Dongshen

“Let me remind everyone to pay attention to the Hong Kong dollar, its foreign exchange and stock market. The video of Prof. Zhai Dongsheng’s speech of how the CCP bought out many U.S. elites to sell out the U.S. interest has become key evidence in the secret hearings in the United States. People who dealt with Prof. Zhai Dongsheng testified at the hearing that what he said was true and they provided more evidence to prove some other related incidents in Brussels, Lyon, and Davos. Prof. Zhai Dongsheng’s arrogance and ignorance in the video will affect the recognition of CCP’s nature in the entire world.”

——— Miles Guo

U.S. government agencies are working against the CCP

“The real rights in American history are nationality rights. American history is the result of the melting pot of religion and culture of the different ethnic groups. In history, the distribution of political power and laws were determined by ethnic issues. The hard power of the United States is based on the U.S. Dollar, plus its national defence capabilities. The cornerstone of the United States is the constitution. The decisionmakers on the U.S. dollar and in the U.S. Department of Defence are working with us to destroy the CCP in a special way. We should have patience and keep on fighting!”

——— Miles Guo