Brothers & Sisters, have you thought about it? Why did Zuckerberg get involved in politics?

Now you know what Zuckerberg wanted to do.

Right! Brothers and sisters, that is right. All this guy wants is that his virtual currency will be approved by the new administration.

Just this one thing! As long as his virtual currency is approved.

He will 100% run for the president, now you know?

Then this would be the end of the Chinese, this is what the little bastard wants to do most.

Do you know why Twitter helped them at all costs this time? It ruined us like this?

Do you know what purpose he has besides the CCP? Tell me.

What Twitter is planning is that the CCP has promised to fully open the whole search engine and Chinese market to it and then to make Twitter the CCP‘s so—called DCMP, the underwriter of its virtual currency.

 It will be Google, a combination of China’s Google and Baidu, then it will have the distribution of all CCP’s virtual currency.

Then it will be powerful, it will be powerful. It will be a global media “leader” at once.

Then it will almost control half of the country, whoever controls the virtual currency will dominate the future.

The land will be useless, the virtual money can make your land be mine in a minute.

It will be powerful. Once it is the permitted search engine in Chinese market, it has already had the ability.

It seems like that I heard they make a deal seven billion dollars at first, but fifteen billion finally.

A wonderful search engine company, then it will merge with Twitter,become the biggest world-class English—Chinese search engine. which will be the whole virtual currency’s online agent, user, the dealer, which is powerful.

There will be no one else. So all such as CNN will be merged by it, and its stocks will rise dozens of times immediately .

Quantum computer, IBM, all Quantum Technology Corporations will cooperate with them,

They all will cooperate with FACEBOOK、Twitter, then China‘s 5g、quantum technology、virtual currency、network all will be controlled by the few people.

What Bill.Gates wants is the full control of the codes of the next coming quantum technology in China and worldwide.

All of it, even the Oracle will be swallowed by him, it is the certain end. Then he will puts so-called commercial media like Skype in monopoly position(which owned by himself).

Like Zoom、Skype、these office software, all are basically controlled by them.

Then take full controlled of the biotechnology, this is called monopoly.

All the western capitalist market depends on one word: monopoly. What does the CCP(Chinese Communist Party ) depend on? Bribing.

It depends on bribing, using the whole national power to bribe,  without the bottom line.