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Today’s topic revolves around the election, also known as the farce showcased by Joe Biden and the Swamp. Mark Zuckerberg was found financially linked with the “Safe Election” project in Pennsylvania (PA). Sidney Powell sued Georgia officials; in the file, she alleged the CCP and Iranian involvement. In PA, there was a moment when 600k votes for Biden occurred but only 3.2k for Trump. Lude media exposed that Biden went for Mitch McConnell to seek amnesty for the possible concession from the race. While Joe couldn’t speak his mother language properly, he picked useful idiots for his “Cabinet.”

News report 1:

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, is found linked with electoral fraud. Seven counties and one city in PA received $ 18M from Zuckerberg’s Technology and Civic Life (CTCL) “Safe Election” project, where PA happened to be one of the battleground states. A coincidence?

Comments summary:

Mikehua: As Miles exposed, Zuckerberg would be charged with crimes for his wrongdoings in this election. Now we see the tip of the iceberg, but the whole story will be much more than what we see in this news report. Now we have one of the running dogs from the Swamp, and Miles Guo said we expected more to come out. Let’s wait and see.

Sky: Zuckerberg’s Facebook knows everything you have ever uploaded. From locations, data, photos and posts you gave to the big tech, you are exposing everything you have to them, which they can make use of to manipulate you. This is why people need to defend themselves from these big techs and guard their own privacy.

News report 2:

Former Trump lawyer Sidney Powell said she would file a lawsuit on Wednesday alleging widespread election frauds in Georgia’s voting machines and “foreign intrusion” in the U.S. election. What we care is that in her lawsuit file, the article 14 states that the CCP (China) and Iran are behind the manipulation.

Comment summary:

Mikehua: According to Lude, we know that once we prove that the CCP is violating the US Constitution, the rights under the constitution given to the CCP will be defused. Here we are typically talking about the “Foreign Immunity” that the US has generously granted for the Chinese people, but the CCP has been taking advantages of it. As Miles once said, if the CCP is stripped off its foreign immunity, basically the Chinese people will be under protection of US laws.

Sky: The CCP has been hiding behind the foreign immunity for so long. It was hidden during the Hong Kong protest movement and it has been hiding in this pandemic. It has been hiding and it’s working. It is high time that the American people saw what the CCP truly is and confronted it.

Video 3:


In a hearing about voter frauds in PA, crowds gasped after learning a spike of votes in PA where 600k votes were for Biden while only 3.2k for Trump.

Comment summary:

Mikehua: Many people know that there is huge voter fraud in the election and here is the odd. Is this the moment when the famous “Fraud Curve of Biden” occurred? Miles said that the spies working to undermine the US election left some trace of evidence for the New Federal State of China to find out. I wonder whether this was one of them. The greatness of the US lies in its rule of law. Many believe that Joe will not be the next president, but there is still a judicial process to go through and people are willing to wait for it.

Sky: Things like this are not normal in America. The CCP did similar things in Hong Kong election. This is what the CCP does: they cheat and lie to the public and suppress the media when they get caught. This is what they’ve been doing since they were born.

Video 4:

Lude Media: Joe Biden will admit defeat upon pardon from President Trump.

Comment summary:

Mikehua: As we know, immediately after Lude Media said that, the Secretary Xi congratulated Biden on winning the election, just 20 days after Biden was “press-elected”. Why was that? We know that the CCP is going to use anyone that is useful until they’re useless and then the CCP will discard them, meaning physically eliminating them. One good example is Wang Jian, the chairman of HNA. We can see now Biden wants to fall back maybe for the safety of his life and his family, but President Xi would not let this happen because he knows what would happen to the CCP if President Trump wins his second term. President Xi is going to use Biden until he bleeds to the last drop of his blood. This is the cost of making deals with the devil.

Sky: President Xi is going to use Biden until he is useless and this is how the CCP works. Biden is just a running dog and the CCP doesn’t really respect him at all. Biden is an American and he will at least not get killed, but the CCP would not let this happen. Biden will get what he deserves.

News Report 5:


Here’s Old Joe’s ‘mock’ Cabinet members:

Clockwise from top left: Anthony Blinken, Janet Yellen, Jake Sullivan, Avril Haines, Alejandro Mayorkas, John Kerry, and Linda Thomas-Greenfield.

Comment Summary:

Mikehua: This dude, Tony Blinken, is famous for his football and guitar in DC. He was partying in Obama’s White House every week. I was just wondering what these people are doing here. This is such a farce. These people have been in DC for their entire career, achieving nothing, and now they are telling people they can unite America. What have they been busy doing for the past decades?

Sky: These people are closely linked with the Swamp, and they have achieved nothing in the past. They are not elected as well. This is the time when Joe presents his Swamp power and people really need to see what they truly are. People need to choose sides either to stand with freedom, justice and rule of law, or to stand with socialists, like Joe and his “cabinet”.

Video 6:


Good old Joe couldn’t speak his mother language.

Comment summary:

Mikehua: This is so hilarious like Miles said. I mean, how are people going to review this period of history when they are looking back 10, 20 years from now? What are they going to say? This dude couldn’t even speak his mother language and posited himself as president-elect and formed an office called “office of president-elect?” If this is some kind of joke, it’s funny, but it’s not. Old Joe cannot even speak proper English and calls himself president-elect. What’s worse is that all the media are giving him time for this farce. What on earth is happening?

Sky: This is what you get from following money instead of justice. You get an old corrupt politician and the media all portray him as the perfect world-savior. He is not going to do anything to save anything; he is a henchman of the CCP, and the CCP wants to kill Americans. People need to wake up and see the truth. We’ve got the truth on GTV and GNews. These are good sources of the truth.

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