The CCP is about to declare it has achieved “Poverty Alleviation” in China. It is geared to lure folks from all over the world to China to hold a world conference in the name of exporting its successful experiences in “poverty alleviation”. If history is any indication, the Great Leap Forward (1958-1962), as the astonishing, and ”record-breaking“ production figures were hurling around, tens of millions of people died from starvation every year.


Everyone, look at that footage of Li Yi at the beginning of today’s live-cast. That Li Yi, that SOB, that despicable look! To call him the grandson of a tortoise would even be insulting to tortoises. Alas! This worthless creature is able to make rounds on social media! How on earth can such a despicable, a hooligan with a face like that become a hit on China’s social media? Utterly tragic for the entire nation!

The young people now only care about property-buying, car-buying, and binge shopping on Taobao [Alibaba]. Everyone wants to be the next Jack Ma. Everyone wants to be Ma Huateng [of Tencent], Everyone dreams to become a pop star; and, everyone dreams to pick up a pop star. Taking care of parents is the last thing on their mind. Instead, feeding off one’s parents as a dependent, swindling from one’s parents has become ubiquitous. The duty of picking up kids from kindergartens has fallen on the shoulders of either grandmas or grandpas. The behavior styles are reversed for men and women; the roles for the young and the old are reversed.

As vented by A friend [based in Dalian, China], “Not to mention the officials of the CCP, they keep drinking every night…” This sister BIA’s style is a tad too blunt, “It is either drinking or fuc*ing”. Ain’t that right? She went on, “I can’t stand it no more. This nation has been totally ruined!” Now I’d like to ask my brothers-in-arms in the mainland – other than the above few things, what else we Chinese could achieve? Tell me. Can an ounce of truth be shown?! Can one still maintain a shred of his dignity?! Can one speak a word of truth?! Anything left that is still worthy?!

Anyone care to guess, what the CCP has been up to these few days, my BIAs? They are geared to lure folks from all over the world to China to hold a world conference in the name of exporting its successful experiences in “poverty alleviation”. “Poverty alleviation”, my ars*, these SOBs! Li Keqiang, one of the CCP leaders, stated recently that 80 mils. [600 mils.] people still live under RMB 1000 per month, which is, according to the Western standard, indisputably below the extreme poverty line. We are talking about 800 mils. [600 mils.] people here! Nonetheless, just in less than one year, in half a year, the CCP is to declare that it has achieved “Poverty Alleviation”!

Please do note, during (the Cultural Revolution,) the Great Leap era [1958-1962], while 1.6 million people were starved to death [monthly, or TBC], what was the CCP’s propaganda promoted to the world? “Record yield of 10k catties [~5000 kg] of grains per Chinese acre”. “One pig reproduced more than 100 piglets!” “No need to even consume pork so repetitively, go for something like bird meat. In case you’re tired of bird meat, try eagle meat. Just go for the chicken drumsticks, and steer away from the chicken breast meat.”

Those were the times of the “Great Leap Forward”. Now they are at it again – the CCP is about to announce to the world, to draw people from all over the world, to make people of the world flock to China to learn from its successful experiences in “poverty alleviation”. its successful experiences in “poverty alleviation” [sarcastically]!

Chinese Transcript:【Embracer_牙牙】  Translator:【RD16 】 Subtitle:【相机过热啊 】 Video: 【恒久忍耐】Editor:【GM80】