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In this election with a still uncertain winner, when the Trump team is still in full swing in the judicial battle, many speculative politicians are already preemptively congratulating Biden and paving the way for their relationship with the “future president” of the United States.

The list of politicians who may be on the list for extermination in the future is as follows:

German Chancellor Merkel: Merkel expressed her “heartfelt congratulations” on Biden’s election. She believed that Biden knew Germany and Europe.

British Prime Minister Johnson congratulated Biden and his deputy Kamala Harris for their “historical achievements.”

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau looks forward to cooperating with the new US government.

French President Macron will work together with the new President.

Irish Prime Minister Martin, looking forward to working with Biden, also welcomes him home (Biden is an Irish immigrant).

This list is still too expansive. Australian Prime Minister Morrison, New Zealand Prime Minister Ardern, Indian Prime Minister Modi, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, South Korean President Moon Jae-in, Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, and more are all on it.

Even the former Republican US President George W. Bush (J. Bush) started on November 8 to congratulate the Democratic presidential candidate Biden and the vice-presidential candidate Harris for their “victory.”

When the media were busy smirking President Trump with fake news and when Biden and his crew showed their ambition to take over the white house, these political speculators panicked and rushed to send congratulations to Biden. Foreign powers are coercing the media to create public opinion and directly interfere in the US election. Biden seems to have entered the White House to celebrate. Looking at President Trump, there is a tumultuous end: the sight of betrayal and those around him leaving him.

However, the situation subsequently reversed dramatically: various bizarre fraudulent methods were exposed in the US general election; the heavyweight Republican McConnell and others voiced their support for President Trump; the judicial process was fully launched; a large number of pieces of evidence revealing Democratic election fraud has been presented to the court; President Trump’s supporters bravely resisted. When seeing all these, these ridiculous politicians began to change their faces. Many European Union countries have also changed their tune, saying that they will wait until after the general election to start cooperating with the United States. They have entirely forgotten their previous statement that they want to welcome the new President Biden to visit European countries immediately. After Taiwan’s Tsai Ing-wen congratulated Biden early on November 8, she said on November 11 that she respected the American people’s last choice. No matter which political party in the United States is in power, Taiwan can deepen cooperation with the US government. Bush Jr. has also begun to change his tone, saying that Trump has the right to request a recount of votes. It is really “Feng Shui turns around and comes to my house overnight.”

ops, too early rejoiced

What do these politicians’ laughable and generous performances show? What is the power behind so many politicians?

First, we need to understand that these politicians are entirely unqualified to be leaders. The head of any democratic country will understand democratic procedures after undergoing democratic elections. The ones eligible to determine who wins elections are the officials, not the media; it is the state machine, not public opinion. These politicians celebrate with fake news for their “victory,” with champagne and feasting while engulfing American public opinion. They have isolated Trump from public opinion worldwide, and they lack the qualities that a politician should have. Take a look at the Mexican President Lopez next door. He hated President Trump personally, but he still refused to congratulate Biden. He strongly expressed that “We are not a puppet of any foreign government” and that they “cannot recognize a government that has not been legally formed.” It is the essential quality that a politician should have. These speculators seem to have absolutely no professional ethics and therefore are not qualified to serve as politicians at all. Among the crowds lining up to congratulate Biden during this time, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen are the most chilling of them all. Although politics is not about personal feelings, it’s about national interests, President Trump’s support for Israel is unprecedented in history, and his support for Taiwan is obvious to all. This time, the two are ungrateful and unaware of gratitude and disregarded their own national opinions, and performed so poorly. They wanted to make successful speculation, but they lost their conscience and politician ethics.

Secondly, these politicians’ ridiculous decisions in this general election are inseparable from the CCP’s secret coercion. Since Mr. Miles Kwok broke the news, the Blue Golden Plan and the 3F plan of the Communist Party of China have been exposed to the world. Still, the CCP has spared no effort to infiltrate the world, and the scope and depth of its penetration are jaw-dropping. According to a British “Daily Mail” report on September 13, China’s technology companies have collected the personal details of millions of people around the world for use by Chinese intelligence agencies. The database “uses very advanced language, positioning, and classification tools and uses complex technology.” The Zhenhua Database “represents an unprecedented global large-scale surveillance system.” In the UK alone, the surveillance objects include British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, members of the royal family, religious leaders, military officers and their families, and other British elites. And even those “civilians” who don’t even collect information in their own country. This massive monitoring system cooperates with the CCP’s investment in infiltrating regardless of cost and unscrupulous means. One can imagine how the CCP has corrupted many political elites, economic elites, media elites, scientific and technological elites, and academic elites in Western society in various ways. The current election between President Trump and Biden has a bearing on the Chinese Communist regime’s survival. Biden, who has worked closely with the CCP, can never be expected to be tough on the CCP. President Trump’s re-election is the beginning of the CCP’s nightmare and the beginning of the CCP regime’s end. Therefore, it can be said that the CCP has deployed its all power to help Biden cheat and deceive in an attempt to conceal the truth and help Biden ascend to the throne of the President. Therefore, when the election results for President Trump and the self-claimed “President” Biden turned out to be a stalemate, the CCP used its massive collective arsenal of foreign influence to pressure and blackmail the nation into letting Biden win the election.

Second open debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump

The third point is the confrontation between global elitism and populism. As a political amateur, President Trump single-handedly broke into the depths of the Washington swamp. As the most powerful nation globally, the US has had a significant impact on Trump’s American political system. President Trump’s “America First” and populist ideas have won the general public’s support. These ideas of President Trump have had a significant impact on traditional political ecology and political correctness. At present, the election of the leaders of the governments of various countries is supported by consortia and elites, which is how a typical elitist country is run. These interest groups do not care about ordinary people’s interests, but only about individuals’ wallet and power. They promote globalism on a global scale. The essence of globalization is to betray the domestic labor class’s interests and use Chinese slave labor without human rights or cheaper world slave labor to feed the entire elite group. Suppose the trend of globalization is reversed and the enslaved slaves are liberated. In that case, the interests of these politicians and the interest groups behind the politicians will no longer be attached, and the global wealth and political landscape will be reshuffled. Therefore, the dignitaries on the table now do not want to withdraw from the stage of history anyway, thus losing the political and economic benefits that have long been solidified in their pockets. Global political bureaucrats will lose their jobs and will be replaced by new leaders who are genuinely people-oriented. These changes brought about by President Trump have made high-sounding international politicians panic. Biden’s false votes gave them a boost and showed them a life-saving straw, so they all made their debut on the stage for Biden.

National leaders and politicians should distinguish right from wrong and fight for justice. They should have done their best to serve the country’s people; they should have undertaken their missions and defended the democratic system, the excellent values, and the Western world’s glorious traditions. However, they wear a halo of honor on their heads but have all kinds of the little abacus in their hearts. It is a pity. The ignorance and short-sightedness of these politicians will not only ruin the interests of their people and country but will also encourage the forces of evil to ruin the justice of the entire world. Fortunately, there is always hope for humankind. Heroes such as Mr. Kwok, Mr. Bannon, and Mr. Giuliani are still there. They face their fate, undertake missions, and fight for justice. Fortunately, the human conscience is still there. The ordinary people do not enjoy the privileges and wealth, but they have a sense of justice, and they have a human conscience and courage. These people are the hope of our existence and the key to the inheritance of human society and civilization.

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