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Image: War Room

According to podcast analytics website, “Bannon’s War Room” was listed at No.1 in “Apple Podcasts -United States of America-Politics” chart.

We all know that Mr. Bannon set up “War Room: Impeachment” to fight against the impeachment hoax targeted at President Trump. Working four hours a day and six days a week, Mr. Bannon hosted the podcast as one of the biggest pro-Trump platforms on the internet, maybe the only one at that moment. The plan was to broadcast until Trump was acquitted. 

However,  on Jan 25 2020,  which was six days after the Lude Media,  the leading broadcast in our Whistleblower Movement (WM), exposed the shocking news of the Chinese Communist  Party (CCP) virus (aka Wuhan virus, Covid-19, coronavirus) coming from Wuhan China, Mr. Bannon altered his theme from impeachment to pandemic, and published Episode 1 of “War Room: Pandemic” to start warning American of the upcoming global pandemic ahead of the rest of the world. This is the first American media disclosing the truth of CCP virus in the US. Mr. Bannon and his team have been working around the clock since then to spread the true origin of the CCP virus through daily live interviews, and many guests from various fields have been invited to the War Room presenting large amounts of evidence. The podcast firmly backed up Trump’s decision on the travel ban on China and provided great suggestions for the Trump administration.

Mr.Bannon’s War Room has gathered and united American Patriots. His audiences are the core force supporting MAGA, and against Antifa and BLM. We now know that the so-called mainstream media in the U.S. has gone to a great extent in blocking the American people from learning the truth, acting as a CCP information firewall. Bannon’s War Room bypasses the “American firewall” and delivers the truth to more than 70 million listeners in the United States, and has become well-accepted and popular among Americans. Here are some comments left on Bannon’s War Room: 

“Should listen to Bannon earlier”

“S. K.Bannon and his “crew” provide to his audience top quality information and “tools” to understand the “trends in big media”

“Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast becomes key platform for Trump’s post-election ‘fraud’ claims”

The hosts of the War Room are all seasoned media experts with rigorous and logical thinking, which makes the show able to hold more and more audience’s attention. Mr. Bannon sometimes is a calm analyst, and sometimes fills the show with overwhelming emotions. He often casts sharp questions which are not only inspiring for his audiences, but also encourage his guests to be well-prepared in advance for any unexpected questions, since everybody knows that President Trump is also his audience, and words said on the show might influence the President’s decisions.

Mr. Bannon is unbiased towards his guests regardless how famous they are. When he finds that his guest is unclear, even just slightly, he will step in immediately and clarify what is supposed to convey in his show. Some audience commented amusingly:

“Need more outlets like this to spotlight what the national media chooses to ignore!! And if Steve could stop interrupting great men like America’s Mayor my blood pressure would go down significantly. B-b-b-b-b-b-b-but, Hol-hol-hol-hold-hol-ho-hol-hold-hold on… Seriously love the show, tho!!!”

Mr. Bannon is a forever fellow fighter of our WM and the co-founder of the New Federal State of China(NFSC) . He has been invited to Lude Media many times, and vice versa,  Miles Guo and Dr.Yan have been War Room’s guests multiple times as well. Through Bannon’s War Room, a new image of Chinese people represented by heroes like Miles Guo and Dr. Yan have been created before American people, and brave Chinese individuals are able to borrow Bannon’s channel to spread the truth of the CCP virus as well as other terrible facts in China under the CCP regime to the rest of the world. 

Our WM fellow fighters work closely with Bannon’s War Room. The G-Translators, a group of WM volunteers who translate worldwide news between Chinese and other languages, has been simultaneously translating every War Room episode into Chinese in order to make the voice of War Room heard by the Chinese people inside and outside the CCP network firewall. Meanwhile, alike Mr. Bannon, other hosts like Jack Maxey and Raheem Kassam have also become very famous to Chinese audiences. Gnews and GTV, the two key WM’s platforms, have been partnering the War Room in revealing the truth to the world.  

Mr. Bannon is a devout Catholic who is fearless of the CCP’s threats and inducements, and his great courageousness and braveness of confronting the CCP can be seen on the War Room website, where a line of note on the right side of the front-page saying: NOTE: War Room: Pandemic is proud to be 100% BANNED by the truth-fearing Communist authorities in China. He is indeed a soldier!

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Mr. Bannon uses his influence and voice in America to help Chinese people in fighting for democracy and freedom with absolutely no interest in benefiting himself whatsoever. I believe, with the populism advocated by Mr. Bannon and the righteousnism promoted by Miles Guo, the 1.4 billion Chinese will soon be freed up from the 70-year CCP’s slavery!

I’d like to dedicate this article to my esteemed Mr. Bannon and his team. Congratulations to War Room on being the No.1 political podcast on Apple USA!

(This article only represents the author’s opinion)