President Trump’s attorneys Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis testify at Michigan House Oversight Committee on the 2020 Election Fraud at 6pm ET on Dec 2, 2020.

Jenna Ellis says to Michigan legislators:
It is your obligation under the Constitution to not allow this corruption to continue.
As President Trump said today, it is his sworn duty and obligation to preserve free and fair elections.

A witness in Michigan says she was directed to BACKDATE absentee ballots with the “phony date of the day” given to her by a supervisor.

Michigan poll worker says voters who requested mail-in ballots were allowed to vote again in person.

Michigan voter fraud witness says: “I don’t know why anyone would write an affidavit just to write one.”

Michigan voter fraud witness says ballots were carried in from the rear of the polling station basement at 4:30am.