President Trump’s legal team joins a public hearing with select members of Arizona’s legislature to gather and examine any evidence of election irregularities and fraud in the state at 11am ET on Nov. 30, 2020.

President Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis are expected to attend the vital hearing in Arizona.

Rudy Giuliani says at the Arizona Hearing:
We were warned for 20 years about mail-in ballots being fraudulent, “Democrats use to be against mail-in ballots”.
Democrats used mail-in ballots as a backup for when they fell too far behind.

Rudy Giuliani says to Arizona state legislatures:
“Your political career is worth losing if you can save the right to vote in America.”
Arizona State Legislature should assert power to select electors.

Jenna Ellis says at the Arizona Hearing:
It is the duty of the state legislature to make sure false results are not certified.
“Make sure that the people of Arizona…are not disenfranchised by corruption.”

A witness says at the Arizona Hearing:
“Your vote is not as secure as your Venmo account,”

A witness at Arizona Hearing says she was refused observation of at least 2,000 duplicate ballots.

A witness from Voter Integrity Fund plays phone calls of Arizonans who were issued mail-in ballots, but say they did NOT request them.

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai presents his data at the Arizona Hearing, showing the only way for Joe Biden to have statistically caught up with Donald Trump was if Democrat votes came in at 130% for Biden and -30% for Trump.

Expert witness says he believes the numbers in Arizona are fraudulent based on the data: “I’d rather resign than have certified those results” in Arizona today.

A witness says at the Arizona Hearing:
“They thought they were done [counting ballots] and then more truck loads of ballots were coming in. I’m like, ‘how can you not know how many ballots are still out there?'”

A witness says at the Arizona Hearing:
The signature on ballots “didn’t even resemble, in any way” what they were matching it to. They were “completely illegible” and was told not to worry about it.

President Trump calls in at the Arizona Hearing on massive voter fraud in the 2020 Election.

Rudy Giuliani urges Arizona state legislatures to protect the sacred right to vote.

Jenna Ellis say to the AZ state legislature:
You are the sole guardian to combat a corrupted election.

Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis attended Pennsylvania State Legislature Hearing on Voter Fraud on Nov. 25, 2020.